Indictments were handed down in Harris County last week after a local official and two contractors were charged with money laundering and stealing taxpayer money related to a redevelopment body in Houston.

White-collar financial crimes are the beloved pastime of lowlifes who think rules are for the little people. And where better to play that game than in big cities, where the irony of preaching equality while quietly pilfering taxpayer money is just too delicious to pass up?

The indictments were issued by Soros-backed Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s office.

Here’s a little of what the Texas Scorecard reported on this latest instance of white-collar criminal activity:

“Todd Edwards, the real estate asset manager for the [Midtown Redevelopment Authority], received a first-degree felony charge for abuse of official capacity, using more than $300,000 U.S. government funds for his own benefit, and money laundering with underlying criminal activity being theft and abuse of capacity. Veronica Ugorji and Kenneth Jones, both contractors, were charged with abuse of official capacity and money laundering.

“The group allegedly set up a scheme where they directed money to vendors to maintain vacant lots in Houston’s Third Ward. The vendors were supposed to keep the landscaping maintained, tear down blighted structures, and provide general maintenance. However, the work was never done. In all, the group laundered about $8.5 million and spent it on ‘flashy cars, nice houses, super living, trips, and pornography,’ according to Ogg.”

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