Border Ranchers Share Photos of Human Remains

Debris located on Eslabon Ranch. | Image by Greg Genitempo
Debris located on Eslabon Ranch. | Image by Greg Genitempo

The Texan has published the testimonies of a number of ranchers living at the southern border, as well as photos of some of the human remains they come across:

“Texas landowners along the border with Mexico are sharing their experiences with border-related crime, property damage, and illegal immigrant sightings.

“For Eslabon Ranch owner Greg Genitempo, border policies hit close to home. ‘The house has been broken into, illegals leave refrigerators and freezers open, and by the time I get there … it’s a mess,’ Genitempo shared with The Texan on Thursday.

“Genitempo’s ranch is located near Carrizo Springs, situated approximately 22 miles from the southern border. A 40-year-old native of Dimmit County, Genitempo says he has a good knowledge of the area’s happenings.

“When asked about specific property damages he has dealt with due to illegal traffic from the border, Genitempo shared ‘I had a tremendous amount of fence work that had to be done because the illegals like to cut fences.’

“He added, ‘I had water well work have to be done because they leave the water on, and it eventually would pump the water dry. Just a ton of stuff. I mean they get into things, they’re in and out of the barns.’

“’They pry burglar bars off the side of the house … It’s just been an ongoing, constant thing,’ Genitempo said.

“He then shared that running across deceased illegal immigrants is a common occurrence at the Eslabon Ranch. ‘We found a dead immigrant a few months back. The people that were coming through just left this guy to die, because he couldn’t keep up with them or something.'”

To read the whole article published by The Texan, please click HERE.

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