The Austin Public Library is promoting a book on its Teen Nonfiction reading list about chest binding, according to Texas Scorecard:

The book is available for teens on library shelves at 11 locations throughout Austin.

Categorizing the book as a graphic novel, APL touts Breathe – Journeys to Healthy Binding, by Maia Kobabe and Sarah Peitzmeier, PhD, as a “graphic guide for people interested in chest-binding as a form of gender-affirming care.”

School Library Journal, a popular resource for librarians, encourages the book to be made available for teens and refers to Breathe as “an essential purchase for all secondary and public library collections.” SLJ says the book “provides health information in a readily accessible manner that is otherwise difficult to find in science-based resources.”

Kirkus Reviews describes the book as focusing on personal stories and mental and physical health issues related to chest binding.

According to Kirkus, while the authors of Breathe advocate choosing “a binding method that is ‘kinder to your body,’” the review states that “readers must rely on self-reflection or comb through the interviews to determine exactly how to follow this advice.” Kirkus also recommends Breathe for readers as young as 14.

However, in a post on X, detransitioner and child protection advocate Chloe Cole stated that chest binding is unsafe. “There is no such thing as a ‘safe binder,’” she said.

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