Many people regularly play the Texas Lotto, but now there is a growing concern: Could we be the ones getting played?

When people go to a convenience store to buy a lottery ticket, players dream of being the lucky winner. One fortunate resident of Southlake knows the feeling of being a lottery champion. The individual, who chooses to remain anonymous, is now $1 million richer after buying a Quick Pick lottery ticket for the June 11 Powerball drawing, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

However, maybe the odds of winning are not as “lucky” as we were led to believe.

Recent investigations have revealed that specific establishments are acquiring extra printing machines to generate an exceptionally high volume of lottery tickets. These outlets are obtaining all potential numeric combinations for a lottery drawing while seeking expedited service from the Texas Lottery Commission.

So, is this truly a fair game? You decide.

Texas Standard reports how the Texas Lottery may have played a role in guaranteeing champions:

A lottery is known as a chance for anyone to strike it rich, but it also might now be an investment opportunity for those with enough disposable income.

In April of last year, the Lotto Texas jackpot sat at $95 million, and someone did the math: At a dollar a ticket and only 26 million possible winning numbers, they could game the system.

According to a Houston Chronicle investigation, the Texas Lottery Commission not only knew what the person was doing, it helped them.

Eric Dexheimer, an investigative reporter at the Chronicle, joined Texas Standard to discuss.