Anti-Israel Vandals Target TX Congresswoman’s Office

Vandals spray painted a sheet
Vandals spray painted a sheet that said, "Monica murders." | Image by Rep. Monica De La Cruz/Twitter

U.S. Rep. Monica De La Cruz said that pro-Hamas activists vandalized her South Texas district office with anti-Israel messages.

The Dallas Express spoke with Ryan Saylor, a spokesperson for De La Cruz, who said that the vandalism at the McAllen office happened in the early morning hours, around 5 or 6 a.m., on November 7 and again on November 9.

The vandals left behind a message spray painted on a white sheet at the front entrance that said, “Monica murders.” Another message reading “Israel kills Jews too” was spray painted on the front entrance window, as shown in pictures published by Border Report and the Washington Examiner, respectively. A third message on a front walkway read, “You can’t escape your crimes, Monica.”

Saylor said that in response to vandalism, local police and the sheriff’s office have increased patrols in the area and are taking other surveillance measures. He also said that police have a picture of a car they are looking for in connection to the acts of vandalism. DX contacted McAllen police for more details and will supplement this article as more information becomes available.

De La Cruz’s office released a statement on November 9 addressing the actions it identified as “pro-Hamas vandalism.” The statement included a personal message from the representative:

“These malicious acts have been perpetrated by individuals with pro-Hamas sentiments, targeting the Congresswoman for her condemnation of anti-Semitism and solidarity with Jews in our community and the state of Israel,” read the statement.

“On October 7th, Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists murdered over 1,000 innocent civilians, including many Americans, in the single largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. These savages burned babies in an oven, decapitated toddlers in front of their families, tortured parents before their children, and continue to hold hundreds of hostages. The pro-Hamas activists who have vandalized my office may disregard the importance of standing with our Jewish brothers and sisters during their darkest hour, but I do not.

“My support for Israel and the Jewish community is, always has been, and always will be unwavering. I make no apologies for standing firmly against anti-Semitism. These vandals will not intimidate or silence me.”

De La Cruz added that she has reached out to local rabbis to assure them “they have my full support.”

The statement concluded by saying, “The Congresswoman is grateful for the response from our local law enforcement and city officials. She is confident that those responsible will be held accountable. Congresswoman De La Cruz continues to stand in solidarity with the Jewish community and reaffirms her dedication to combating anti-Semitism.”

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