VIDEO: Big3 Finishes Short Stay in Big D

Big 3
Big 3 banner | Image by Josh Carter/The Dallas Express

The American Airlines Center came alive as the Big3 came to the Big D on Saturday.

Fans from across the metroplex and the country turned out downtown to watch some legends play six games of competitive, three-on-three basketball.

The Dallas Express was there for the event and caught up with a couple who traveled from Michigan to watch and support Big3.

“I love that Big3 is upbeat. It’s positive. I love the fact that it is something that adults can enjoy and bring their children. I love the fact that there is sports, plus they’re incorporating entertainment and music, and that is pulling in a wide variety of people, so I love that,” said Michelle Howard, who traveled to Dallas with her husband, Allen.

Local artists, such as famed Dallas musician Dorrough, known for his Dallas Cowboys anthem, It’s Our Time, and his best-selling single Ice Cream Paint Job, performed in front of the family-oriented and star-studded crowd.

The couple told The Dallas Express that they love traveling to Dallas and that the city has treated them very well.

“It’s been great. So far, we’ve had a good time,” Allen said.

“Yes, so far so good, we’ve had good food, we’ve had good hospitality, we like it here a lot,” said Michelle.

Founder and owner of Big3, Ice Cube, sat down with The Dallas Express and explained that the city has been supportive of him since Day 1.

“Dallas has always supported us, even before they knew what [Big3] was,” Ice Cube told The Dallas Express.

Ice Cube talked about the unique aspects of Big3 and the special opportunity that it provides for basketball players.

“Creating jobs, creating a platform for guys who are 31, 32 years old and have been honing their basketball skills forever, who are 6 feet 8 inches, 6 feet 9 inches, you know there’s no room for them in NBA, but there’s room for them in the Big3,” said Ice Cube.

“They can continue their career, continue to feed their family, continue to have pride in the skills that they’ve honed since they were eight years old and everybody telling them they were great. They can play as long as they like, as long as they can get out there, as long as they can handle the level of play. Age won’t matter. You won’t be forced out because you’re a certain age,” Ice Cube continued.

“So, to create that opportunity for people, it helps their mental state, their spirit, and you know, a lot of guys was [sic] lost before the Big3, and now they’re found, and that’s what I’m most proud about.”

For more information about where to find Big3 games next, click here.

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