Transfer Portal Window Has Closed

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College football’s first transfer portal window of the offseason closed this week, meaning that any other players who want to transfer to other programs will have to wait until the next window opens on April 16.

Players who filed the paperwork before the deadline and those who played in late December bowl games and College Football Playoff games will continue to enter over the next few days, and those playing in the national championship have until January 13.

Here are the players joining and leaving the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams across Texas so far.


S – Alfonzo Allen
OL – George Maile (committed to Utah State)
TE – Drake Dabney (committed to TCU)
TE — Jake Roberts
QB – Blake Shapen (committed to Mississippi State)
OL – Elijah Ellis
RB — Qualan Jones
OL — Timothy Dawn

S — Cameren Jenkins (UNLV)
OL — Omar Aigbedion (Montana State)
QB — Dequan Finn (Toledo)



OL – Jamaree Caldwell
DL – Chidozie Nwankwo (committed to Colorado)
WR – Matthew Golden (committed to Texas)
LB – Aaron Willis
OL – Tyler Johnson (committed to Colorado)
LB – Chris Pearson
DL – Amipeleasi Fifita
OL – Reuben Unije
WR – Dalton Carnes (committed to North Texas)
CB – Moses Alexander
WR — Ja’koby Banks
DL — Amipeleasi Langi (committed to Oregon State)

LB – Corey Platt Jr. (Tulane)
LB – Kendre Gant (Louisiana)
OL – Dakota White (Louisiana Tech)
CB – Jeremiah Wilson (Syracuse)
DL – Keith Cooper (Tulane)
DL – Everitt Rogers (Tulsa)
LB – Michael Batton (Louisiana-Monroe)
QB — Zeon Chriss (Louisiana)
CB — Kris Davis (Southern)
S — Kentrell Webb (Tulane)
OL — Jake Wiley (UCLA)


North Texas

RB – Oscar Adaway III (committed to South Carolina)
WR – Ja’Mori Maclin (committed to Kentucky)
WR – Trey Cleveland
CB – Patrick Smith (committed to Old Dominion)
S – Dillion Williams
LB – Sifa Leota
QB – Chandler Rogers (committed to Cal)
OL – Febechi Nwaiwu (committed to Oklahoma)
TE – Joshua Smith
CB – Dorian Morris
OL – Samora Ezekiel
WR – Detraveon Brown
OL – Howard Sampson
RB – BK Jackson (committed to Texas A&M Commerce)
LB – Jax Van Zandt
DE – Chris Wright
OL – Dameon Smallwood
S – Robert Johnson (committed to Tennessee-Martin)
RB – Ayo Adeyi
OL – Ethan Miner (committed to Mississippi State)
QB – Stone Earle (committed to Abilene Christian)
TE — Christian Lee

CB – X’Avion Brice (Texas)
OL – Justice Guillory (Stephen F. Austin)
TE – Oscar Hammond (Central Oklahoma)
OL – Jasper Lott (TCU)
LB – JJ Jean-Louis (Iowa State)
RB – Zach Evans (Minnesota)
WR – Dalton Carnes (Houston)
OL – Johnny Dickson (Virginia Tech)
OL – Landon Peterson (Texas Tech)
S — David Spruiells (Northern Arizona)
RB — Tre Bradford (LSU)



CB – Jordan Dunbar

DE — Michael Daley (BYU)
P — Alex Bacchetta (Penn State)
QB — EJ Warner (Temple)
OL– Spencer Cassell (Harvard)



LB – Kamryn Farrar
DL – Dylan Frazier
OL – Jacob Waller
DL – Daemian Wimberly (committed to UTSA)
TE – Nolan Matthews-Harris
DL – Stephon Wright
LS – Jovani Borbon
DE — Warren Walls

DL – Jonathan Jefferson (Georgia)
WR – Ashton Cozart (Oregon)
DE – Jahfari Harvey (Miami, FL)
DL – Mike Lockhart (West Virginia)
CB — Deuce Harmon (Texas A&M)
OL — Savion Byrd (Oklahoma)
DL — Omari Abor (Ohio State)
OL — Nate Anderson (Oklahoma)
LB — Justin Medlock (Utah)



WR – DJ Allen (committed UTSA)
S – Randon Fountenette (committed to Vanderbilt)
CB – Jaionte McMillan (committed to Minnesota)
S – Chace Biddle
OL – Jasper Lott (committed to North Texas)
WR – Cordale Russell (committed to Colorado)
S – Ishmael Burdine
CB – Mason White (committed to Oregon State)
S — Javeon Wilcox
QB — Chandler Morris
LB — Zach Marcheselli

OL – Carson Bruno (Louisiana Tech)
WR – Braylon James (Notre Dame)
OL – Cade Bennett (San Diego State)
DL – NaNa Osafo-Mensah (Notre Dame)
WR – Eric McAlister (Boise State)
TE – Drake Dabney (TCU)
OL – Bless Harris (Florida State)
LB – Cooper McDonald (San Diego State)
DE — Devean Deal (Tulane)
OL — Howard Sampson (North Texas)
CB — Donovan Saunders (Cal Poly)
OL — Remington Strickland (Texas A&M)
S — Jaise Oliver (Tulsa)



QB – Maalik Murphy (committed to Duke)
WR – Isaiah Neyor
S – Larry Turner-Gooden (committed to San Jose State)
WR – Casey Cain (committed to UNLV)
S – BJ Allen Jr (committed to North Texas)
OL – Sawyer Goram-Welch
CB – X’Avion Brice (committed to North Texas)
S – Jalen Catalon
DE — Kristopher Ross

WR – Matthew Golden (Houston)
DE Trey Moore (UTSA)
S — Andrew Mukuba (Clemson)


Texas A&M

QB – Max Johnson (committed to North Carolina)
TE – Fernando Garza
TE – Jake Johnson (committed to North Carolina)
CB – Kent Robinson
CB – Deuce Harmon (committed to SMU)
CB – Tyreek Chappell
DE – Fadil Diggs (committed to Syracuse)
DL – Micaiah Overton
DL – LT Overton (committed to Alabama)
S – Jardin Gilbert (committed to LSU)
OL – James Bailey
DL – Walter Nolen (committed to Ole Miss)
OL – Jordan Spasojevic-Moko (committed to Charlotte)
OL – Remington Strickland (committed to TCU)
WR – Raymond Cottrell (committed to Kentucky)
LB — Jurriente Davis
CB — Tony Grimes
WR — Jordan Anthony (committed to Arkansas)
OL — Naquil Bertrand (committed to Alabama)
WR — Evan Stewart

CB – William Lee III (Kansas State)
WR – Javon Harvey (Old Dominion)
LB – Alex Howard (Youngstown State)
DE — Nic Scourton (Purdue)
TE — Garrett Miller (Purdue)
S — Trey Jones (Central Michigan)
K — Jared Zirkel (Georgia)
S — De’Rickey Wright (Vanderbilt)
WR — Wesley Watson (Kansas State)


Texas-San Antonio

DE – Trey Moore (committed to Texas)
CB – Xavier Spencer
CB – Syrus Dumas
WR – Kyle Evans
LB — Rodney Groce Jr.
LB — Avery Morris
CB — Kam Alexander
S — Je’Vaun Dabon
OL — Daniel Ogundipe
RB — Kaedric Cobbs

OL – CJ James (New Mexico)
WR — DJ Allen (TCU)
WR — JJ Sparkman (Texas Tech)
DL — Daemian Wimberly (SMU)
OL — Kamar Missouri (Rutgers)


Texas State 

LB – Graham Faloona
RB – Calvin Hill
RB – Josh Berry
QB – CJ Rogers
QB — Malik Hornsby
RB — Donerio Davenport
S — Javen Ware
S — Ronnie Hamrick II
WR — Ashtyn Hawkins

LB – James Neal (UTEP)
WR – Jaden Williams (Boston College)
WR – Beau Sparks (Utah Tech)
CB — Justin Harris (Cincinnati)
RB — Jaylen Jenkins (Washington State)
DE — Brice Bass (Gardner-Webb)
CB — Latrez Shelton (UTEP)


Texas Tech

WR – JJ Sparkman (committed to UTSA)
P – Brooks Honore Jr (committed to Arkansas State)
WR – Loic Fouonji (committed to Vanderbilt)
TE – Jayden York
WR – Tyler King
CB – Nate Floyd
OL – Max Keeler
OL – Seth Martin
WR – Nehemiah Martinez
WR – Myles Price (committed to Indiana)
WR – Jerand Bradley (committed to Boston College)
OL – Monroe Mills (committed to Louisville)
OL – Landon Peterson (committed to North Texas)
QB – Tyler Shough (committed to Louisville)
LB — Jesiah Pierre
OL — Jacoby Jackson

WR – Caleb Douglas (Florida)
OL – Vinny Sciury (Toledo)
OL – Davion Carter (Memphis)
P – Jack Burgess (Weber State)
TE – Jalin Conyers (Arizona State)
S – Devynn Cromwell (University of Guelph)
S – Javon Jackson (Fairmont State)
TE – Johncarlos Miller (Elon)
WR – Josh Kelly (Washington State)
OL — Sterling Porcher (Middle Tennessee)



P – Joshua Sloan (committed to Memphis)
WR – Jonathan Patrick Jr
TE – Marcus Vinson
RB – Torrance Burgess Jr.
WR – Jeremiah Ballard
WR – Tyrin Smith
RB – Deion Hankins
WR – Kelly Akharaiyi (committed to Mississippi State)
LB – Jerome Wilson Jr
CB – Torey Richardson (committed to Temple)
S – McKel Broussard
LB – James Neal (committed to Texas State)
DL – Jalen Rudolph
OL – Otis Pitts
S – Tyler Williams
WR – Jostein Clarke
CB – Ilijah Johnson
OL – Justin Mayers (committed to Colorado)
S – Kobe Hylton (committed to Oklahoma State)
CB – Latrez Shelton (committed to Texas State)
OL — Steven Hubbard

QB — Skylar Locklear (Austin Peay)
LB — Tray Dunson (Gardner-Webb)
WR — Trey Goodman (Austin Peay)
OL — Brennan Smith (Austin Peay)
WR — Kenny Odom (Austin Peay)
WR — Ashton Nickelberry (Austin Peay)
CB — Cory Chapman (Austin Peay)
OL — Isaiah Wright (Austin Peay)
RB — Marquez Taylor (Austin Peay)
WR — Kam Thomas (Austin Peay)
WR — Jaden Smith (Eastern Kentucky)

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