The Red Bull Racing Show Run debuts in Dallas today at the PNC Plaza at Harwood District, located at 3030 Nowitzki Way. This free event will begin in the morning and will showcase the Formula 1 race car.

According to Dallas Innovates, this family-friendly festival is a pre-show to get ready for the Formula 1 Aramco U.S. Grand Prix in Austin on October 24th.

NBC Sports mentions that Sergio Perez will be the driver, and he is “fresh from his third podium of the season.” The Red Bull RB7 Formula 1 race car has never been in an accident while doing Show Runs, and this car was once used in 2011 by Mark Webber.

In 2020, Sergio Perez won his first Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Sakhir Grand Prix.

“City streets are narrow, compared to permanent road courses, and with water barriers keeping the car and spectators separated, Dallas will be even narrower than usual. This serpentine route along Nowitzki Way, Houston Street, Field Street, Harry Hines Boulevard, and Hunt Street is a 0.4-mile course with four runs scheduled,” stated NBC Sports.

The website of this event explains the Self-built Formula Cars Run event, stating, “A student-led racing team from The University of Texas at Arlington, UTA Racing, has become the most decorated university racing team in the United States and is continuing to build its legacy from the streets up along with its cars. The students at UTA put their skills to the test by using the newly designed and self-built race cars to compete in Formula SAE competitions.”

Dallas Innovates talks about the Park Up Front app and how it became established. Code Launch is “an annual startup pitch fest hosted by Code Authority,” and in 2016, the app called Park Up Front won. The app is an automotive community that has a platform for social networking and events. There are now over 50,000 members of this platform, over 70,000 registrations for events, and the total worth of the vehicles on the app, add up to $4.2 billion.

Aaron Colton will appear three times throughout the four-hour-long festival. He has big dreams of becoming “the most recognized Street Freestylers in the world.” Since two years old, he has been riding motorcycles. At the age of twelve, he began enjoying trails and motocross parks with his dad. He then became interested in street freestyle, where his dad showed him the basics of performing stunts. At fifteen years old, he became “the youngest XDL National Stunt Riding Champion,” according to Red Bull.

On Aaron Colton’s website, it shares that “Colton is the Red Bull darling of stunt supremacy. The king of no-handed wheelies, a plethora of tricks on two wheels (and often one), abuser of rear-wheel rubber, drift dancer, a showman, competitor, and overall a splendidly amiable guy.”

Red Bull TV mentions that Colton has his own television show called Bike Builds With Aaron Colton that has two seasons about “restoring and racing motorcycles.”

At the age of 29, during this show in Dallas, he will be performing stunts with a “high cylinder superbike.”

At the Red Bull Racing Show Run, there will be a food truck at Happiest Hour, a local bar and lounge. There will also be Red Bull vendors located around the race track.

The best areas to watch the Show Run would be at three different locations in Harwood District: Nowitzki Way and North Houston Street, North Field Street, and Harry Hines Boulevard leaving the third best location at Harry Hines Boulevard and Hunt Street.