Although the Texas Rangers lost three out of four games in a series against the Baltimore Orioles, rookie Wyatt Langford made history in the series finale as he became the first major league player to hit for a cycle in the 2024 season.

Texas lost the first three games of this series to an Orioles team that is competing for the best record in the American League, combining for only three runs in the first two games and losing 6-5 in the third.

However, the series finale was completely different. The Rangers finally got the offense moving in an 11-2 victory.

This offensive explosion by Texas helped snap a six-game losing streak, including losses in all three games against the Milwaukee Brewers and the first three games of this series.

Langford was the Rangers’ standout player in the final game of the series. He hit for a cycle, including a single, double, triple, and home run in a single game.

The night began with a triple off a ball hit into left field during the top of the fourth inning, followed by a double hit into right field just one at-bat later in the top of the fifth inning.

The rookie outfielder was then credited with an infield single at the top of the sixth inning, saying that he could only think about hitting a home run while walking up for his next at-bat in the eighth inning.

“I was trying to hit a home run,” he said, per The Associated Press. “It kind of speaks for itself.”

This home run completed the cycle for Langford as he became the 11th player in Rangers’ history to accomplish the feat, becoming the first since 2017 and the second rookie in the franchise’s history.

“I was obviously feeling really good at that point,” he said, per CBS News. “Just kind of one of those things that happens.”

Rangers manager Bruch Bochy praised Langford after the game, saying he is grateful for his presence on the team and that he is “just an exciting player.”

“He’s a ballplayer, and you love how aggressive he is. No fear on the bases. Out of the box, he’s looking to get the double or triple,” Bochy said, per AP.

The Rangers will now look to carry this momentum into their next series against the San Diego Padres, the first game of which will be played on Tuesday at 7:05 p.m.