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Texas Rangers Baseball
Texas Rangers Baseball | Image by Texas Rangers/Facebook

The MLB regular season is approaching quickly, and the Texas Rangers are among the teams that still need to make some crucial roster decisions before Opening Day.

As of the most recent update given by the club on social media, the team still had 55 players in camp, needing to get down to 26 by next Thursday’s opener against the Chicago Cubs.

“They’re always difficult,” manager Bruce Bochy responded when asked about making the final roster decisions. “Some are easier than others, as you would think, but the last few are the most difficult, especially when you have guys who are doing quite well, but you just don’t have a[n] [open] spot.”

“… We’ve got to get this trimmed down in the next day or two,” he added. ” We still have quite a few guys in camp. The truck’s leaving today, and that shows you how close we’re getting here. We’re a week away, so in the next day or two, we’ll be letting those guys know.”

When making their final decisions, the Rangers will have to balance their experienced stars and young promising players and weigh what is best for each individual, and some could stick with the club longer because of injury situations.

Two players about whom fans will be eager to hear are up-and-coming outfielders Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford. Carter breezed through the minor leagues and was impressive while making his debut in the playoffs and contributing to the World Series run. At the same time, Langford, last year’s No.4 overall draft pick, also sailed through the minors and could be on the brink of making his MLB debut after a strong spring.

Both players have continued to impress Bochy on and off the field.

“We’re talking about two fine young men that are just so grounded, so humbled, and talented obviously, but they’re guys that a manager wouldn’t have any concerns about,” Bochy said. “They’re great teammates and good people. We’re lucky to have these two, and we’re excited to have these two, as we should be. … They’re pretty special in their makeup to go along with their talent.”

“Players can get a little full of themselves, I guess you could say, or be prima donnas,” Bochy added. “But these two, with the attention they’ve gotten and who they are, you wouldn’t know it.”

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