Former Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has once again voiced his disapproval of former President Donald Trump while supporting President Joe Biden.

The current Mavericks owners, however, seem to have a different opinion on the presidential options, given their history of campaign donations.

Cuban took to X to blast the former president the morning after the first presidential debate, even though he acknowledged that Biden’s performance was “awful.”

“His performance was awful. But so was Trump’s. Biden was feeble. Trump couldn’t directly answer a single question and lied with every response,” Cuban posted.

“The question is what features voters believe make a better POTUS: Feeble, Capable and Ethical vs Vigorous, Unethical and Incapable of telling the truth. I’ll vote ethical every time.”

Cuban proceeded to answer a question about whether he would choose to have Biden work as the CEO for a company, writing in a separate post that “Of the 2 options Joe is who I would hire as a CEO” because people “seem to love working with him.”

“Of our 2 candidates, one I would have no problem hiring as a sales representative. He is very good at making people feel comfortable and quickly conveying what he is trying to sell. He also knows how to ask for the order. He is obviously a good salesperson. I don’t think he scores well with the other criteria,” Cuban posted, referring to Trump.

“The other isn’t a very good salesperson, but has a recent 3 year history of having built a strong culture where people are very committed to him,” Cuban posted of Biden.

The media and others have questioned Biden’s mental capacity in politics. Some officials have called for tests to determine whether the president is taking performance-enhancing drugs before certain appearances.

Congressman Ronny Jackson (R-TX) said that he was “demanding, on behalf of many millions of concerned Americans right now, that [Biden] submit to a drug test before and after this debate,” as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Although Cuban has repeatedly expressed his disdain for the former president, Mavericks owner Miriam Adelson, who purchased a majority stake in the team for ​​$3.5 billion in December, has been one of the largest donors to the Trump campaign for some time.

Adelson was Trump’s largest donor during his unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2020, pledging $75 million toward his election efforts, per WFAA.

Now, Adelson reportedly plans to donate roughly $100 million to the campaign efforts to get Trump elected in November, according to The New York Times.

Republican strategist Dave Carney has been tasked with leading Adelson’s Preserve America super PAC and said there has been “100 percent spending from the Biden side and 0 percent from the Trump side,” noting that this will begin to change as the election comes closer.

“We will definitely be heard. They will probably spend more money, because they already have a huge head start. But we’re starting the game tied,” he said, according to NYT.

While Cuban has expressed that he is happy about Adelson’s purchase of the team, writing in an email that “she has become a huge Mavs fan.” However, Cuban declined to comment on her political beliefs, per NYT.