July 6 th , 2021, Now Luka Doncic Day in Dallas

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Although the 2020-21 season ended in a Game 7 loss for the Dallas Mavericks, one player continued to cement himself as not just a future superstar, but a current one: Luka Dončić. Luka Dončić is the 22-year-old wunderkind who has taken the city, and the league, by storm since entering the NBA in 2018.

Now the former Rookie of the Year and two-time NBA All-Star is adding one more impressive line to his resume: he is the namesake of the new resolution by the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court’s declaring July 6th, 2021, Luka Dončić Day in Dallas County.

Leading the charge on this resolution was County Judge Clay Jenkins who has served as the Dallas County Judge since 2011. Judge Jenkins says the day is in recognition of what Dončić has meant to the Dallas community.

“Luka is a once in a generation phenomenal basketball player and a great human being.” Says Judge Jenkins. “Sports has the ability to transcend differences and lift peoples’ spirits in difficult times. That’s certainly been the case with Luka Dončić and the Mavericks over the last couple of years”.

With Dončić already becoming a Dallas icon and a fixture of the community, Judge Jenkins says it is vital to recognize those making a positive impact on the Dallas area. “It’s important that we honor our residents that have a large impact on the community.” Says Judge Jenkins. “With Luka set to sign his supermax contract and be a long-term Dallas Maverick, (Mavericks CEO) Cynt Marshall and I discussed ways to honor his achievements thus far even as we look to a bright future with him leading the Dallas Mavericks on the court.”

This recognition of an important member of the community isn’t out of line with the traditions of Dallas County. “We recognize people’s service to the community, people’s retirement from long service and people’s achievements.” Says Judge Jenkins. “It’s a way of honoring not just those people but the spirit of excellence that is pervasive here in Dallas County and throughout North Texas.”

This recognition comes just after Dončić succeeded in leading his native Slovenia to their first-ever Olympic Games with a heroic performance in the qualifying rounds. While the present is great, Judge Jenkins has an even more positive prediction when asked about the future of Dončić and the Mavericks: “Championships! “

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