Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted to police that he was not wearing a seatbelt when he struck another car in May.

TMZ Sports obtained a video of police officers interviewing Jones immediately after the crash. In the video, which was blurred, an officer approached Jones, told him he was a fan, and then asked to see his driver license.

When interviewed later by another officer and asked if he had his seatbelt on, Jones replied, “I don’t think I did, I don’t think I had a seatbelt on.”

Jones also told officers he was driving at about 45 mph in his 2013 Lexus and heading toward downtown at the time of the wreck. The posted speed limit was 35 mph, according to the police report obtained by NBC 5 News. Jones confirmed that he was able to apply the brakes just before the crash occurred.

At one point in the video, Jones can be heard placing the blame for the crash on the other driver.

“He just U-ed. He just simply U-ed right in front of me,” Jones told the officer questioning him.

A Dallas police crash report of the incident confirmed Jones’ account, noting that the other driver turned from the wrong lane.

The other driver slowed down at the intersection of Harry Hines Boulevard and Wolf Street before making an improper left turn from the far-right lane, according to the police report.

Jones expressed relief that he didn’t hurt the other driver. “I hit him broadside. I’m so happy he’s not hurt.”

The officers cleared Jones of any wrongdoing, but not before lightly admonishing him for not properly wearing his seatbelt.

“The only thing I’m going to ask you to do is put that seat belt on the right way,” the officer said.

As reported by The Dallas Express, Jones did not suffer any serious injury from the crash.