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Homesellers eager to see potential buyers flock to their listings without making major price cuts need to look no further than a recent study on design trends guaranteed to boost home value.

Leading real estate platform Zillow released a study that provides insights into what design styles and features potential buyers might lean toward this coming year.

The residential real estate market has slowed nationwide, as previously covered by The Dallas Express. While many factors are at play, the fact that U.S. mortgage rates have reached two-decade highs recently is likely one of them.

Although some experts have predicted that many listings will see their prices lowered in the coming weeks, homeowners hard-pressed to sell at sticker price might want to take heed of what design trends are hot and which are not.

Zillow’s analysts considered nearly 300 different design styles and features from their for-sale listings to identify 2024’s emerging home trends.

Six were highlighted as being on their way in, while three others were tagged as being on their way out.

Renaissance of Brutalist Design

Mid-20th-century brutalism, with its deliberate use of crude, raw, and exposed materials, is making a significant comeback, topping Zillow’s list of hottest trends in 2024. It was initially popularized as an architectural style associated with public buildings and high-rises built in post-war Europe.


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Nowadays, brutalist interior design characterized by blackened steel casement windows, unfinished uses of concrete, patinated bronze light fixtures, and monochromatic color schemes is all the rage, with Zillow recording a 452% increase in mentions in for-sale listings.

“This style’s stripped-back interiors act as a blank canvas, making them appealing to minimalists or to creative homeowners who want to furnish them according to their personal style,” according to Zillow.

Sensory Gardens Gain Traction

Figuring next on Zillow’s list is the trend of transforming outdoor spaces into sensory gardens, which witnessed a 314% uptick in mentions in listings.


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These gardens — or pathways if space is limited — meet a rising demand among homeowners for functional yet beautiful outdoor spaces. They reinvent the typical garden as a multisensory experience through varied plants, colors, textures, scents, sounds, and even edibles like herbs.


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Wellness Focus with Cold Plunge Pools

Propelled by experts and influencers boasting about the multiple health benefits of icy dips, the cold plunge pool is another hot design feature not to miss in 2024.

More and more homeowners are moving away from the traditional hot tub to bring the cold plunge experience out of the spa and into the home. Zillow listings featuring cold plunge pools and tubs have risen 130% compared to last year.


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Pickleball Courts as the New Backyard Essential

As previously covered by The Dallas Express, pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the nation. It has even gained ground as an amenity in homes and office buildings.


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Zillow reported that proximity to a pickleball court or having one at home is sure to make a listing takeoff. Nationwide, there has been a 64% rise in mentions on listings. At the same time, Zillow’s StreetEasy product, which focuses on New York City, showed a 100% increase in listings mentioning a home’s proximity to a pickleball court.

Murano Glass Chandeliers for an Artistic Touch

Handcrafted Murano glass chandeliers from Italy are seeing a revival as designer favorites, according to Zillow.


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These fixtures add a dose of vintage glamour that many are finding irresistible. Zillow noted a 58% growth in mentions on its listings and expects the trend to continue.

Murals as the New Home Statement

Forget accent walls; go bold with an expansive home mural, which is the last trend that appears to be taking off in interior design.


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With an 18% increase in appearances on Zillow listings year over year, unique murals ranging from landscapes to modern botanical designs are gaining popularity.


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What’s on the Decline?

On the other side of the spectrum, some trends are on the way out, according to Zillow’s study.

Japanese wood preservation technique, Shou sugi ban, once a staple of modern farmhouse design, has seen 69% fewer mentions year over year in Zillow listings.

Paired with workers going back to the office post-pandemic, another waning trend is that of the “cloffice.” While transforming closets into office spaces might have been born out of necessity, Zillow suggested that this feature — already down by 54% in mentions — will run colder and colder in 2024.

Finally, Tuscan kitchens appear to have lost their appeal, dipping year over year by 45% alongside the mention of “Parisian” at 26%. Perhaps the resurgence of European vacations this summer has played a role here, with Americans opting for Old World experiences beyond the home.

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