Home insurance rates in the U.S. could hit record highs this year, especially among states frequently affected by extreme weather events.

Despite rising 20% over the past two years, home insurance rates nationwide are expected to climb a further 6% in 2024, according to a report published by the insurance comparison website Insurify. While Texas is expected to have the fourth-highest rates across the country, averaging $4,437 per home this year, that would actually represent a slight drop — less than half a percent — despite the national average projected to trend higher.

Homeowners in Florida are expected to fare the worst in the country. On average, the Sunshine State’s annual home insurance in 2024 will be $11,759 (a 7% increase from 2023), followed by Louisiana at $7,809 (a 23% increase) and Oklahoma at $5,711 (a 5% increase). The top four states are way above the national average for home insurance costs: Florida +$8,619, Louisiana +$3,977, Oklahoma +$3,067, and Texas +$2,079.

According to the report, six of the 10 most expensive cities for homeowners insurance are located in Florida.

Texas, in particular, was highlighted in the report for its vulnerabilities to wildfires, risks of hurricanes, and its location within Tornado Alley — all factors contributing to its high insurance rates.

Earlier this year, The Dallas Express reported that the state is the most disaster-prone in the nation, having accumulated over 360 natural disasters since 1953. One estimate by the National Centers for Environmental Information determined that weather and climate-related disasters cost Texas upwards of $400 billion between 1980 and 2023.

The result? Home insurers have become more cautious about the state coverage they provide. It has also helped drive an over 50% surge in home insurance rates in the state since 2022.

Home insurance was recently top of mind in Texas in the wake of the destruction wrought by the Panhandle wildfires. In some cases, residents who lost their homes were uninsured.