Saigling House Is Now A Historic Landmark in Plano

Saigling House

One of the first brick-faced houses, the Saigling House in Plano, Texas has been honored to be included on the National Register Of Historic Places.

“Texas historical commission has also recognized it, so we have designations at local, state, and national level,” said Liz Del Turco, Senior Park Planner for the Plano Parks and Recreations Department.

“That is important to the community at large to have the city participate in these designations and in the endeavor to maintain these places and keep them alive as useful spaces.”

The house was built by Celestine Saigling, who started building the house in 1918 after she became the widow of her husband C.F. Saigling in 1906. Del Turco said Celestine Saigling’s husband, C.F. Saigling, was a very respected citizen of Plano.

“Her husband owned a lumber yard downtown so that location is where the park is today.”

C.F. Saigling became a prominent citizen in Plano. He came to the city in 1881 and created his very successful lumber company. Besides his lumber business, he held a seat as a member of the Plano City Council and was a part of the first established Plano School Boards. He is honored in the city today by the Saigling Elementary School, which was named after him.

One of the owners who bought the Saigling house was Fred Myers. He found success in business through his home and auto supply store. He was an active citizen in Plano and even became the 22nd Mayor of the city.

Myers sold the house to a prep school in 1971, to Gary and May Williams, who lived in the Saigling house until 1991. Collins Intervention To Youth, also known as City House, was the next one to acquire the property in 1991. Del Turco said they are still working in the area today before the park’s department bought it.

“City House is a highly respected organization that helps kids who have gotten off to a rough start in life to get their feet under them and get them going again. ”

The Saigling home is now occupied as the art gallery by the Art Centre of Plano. They feature exhibitions from various artists, as well as teach classes outside the. You can rent the home for events such as weddings or parties. The gallery is very dedicated to supporting the historic neighborhood where it remains.

Del Turco was a part of the renovations that took place to restore the Saigling house to its original look, where they found parts of the original wallpaper. She said it was a challenging project for her because she stepped outside of her normal role in landscape architecture, but it was something she enjoyed being a part of.

“You know, we’re really very proud of the way that turned out. When you start a project like this, you never know what you’re going to find when you start tearing into walls and such.”

The house has been around since the earlier 1900s and it looks like’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

“It will always be a part of the Parks Department and a beautiful venue for people to visit and hopefully enjoy for a very long time,” said Del Turco.

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