An estimated 25% of single-family homes in Fort Worth are apparently owned by commercial entities.

The figure came from data reported on by Fort Worth City Manager David Cooke during a city council meeting earlier this month. The data was relayed by FWLab and the Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD), as reported by The Texan.

“We’re defining commercial properties as properties with owner names that indicate commercial ownership, and then properties that don’t have a homestead exemption, so those are the assumptions we’re making when we try to say … a property [is] occupied by its owner or not,” FWLab Chief Transformation Officer Christianne Simmons said at the council meeting, reported NBC 5 DFW.

However, Chandler Crouch, a Tarrant County realtor, suggested that the 25% estimate could be higher than is actually the case.

“We see a lot of people owning properties not in their name, maybe appearing like they could be an investor, when in reality it’s just a homeowner doing what they can to protect their asset,” Crouch said, per NBC 5.

The report criteria leave the door open for such a possibility.

“TAD property rolls include data fields such as property address, owner name, owner address, and the exemptions applied to individual properties. While the owner of each property is specified, there is no clear data field indicating whether the property owner of a single-family residential property is owner occupied as opposed to an individual or legal entity operating in a commercial capacity,” the report reads.

Still, some members of the Fort Worth City Council have expressed concern over the data.

“[City council member Jared] Williams and I and others were concerned with affordability homes that are available in the city of Fort Worth, with many residents moving from Dallas and all coming to Fort Worth, and a lot of these homes are not available because they’re owned by commercial and they’re rent homes,” Fort Worth City Councilmember Chris Nettles said, per NBC 5.

However, others have suggested other possibilities that make the data less alarming.

“Despite the fact that it’s tagged as commercial, it may be an LLC that’s owned by one individual that lives here and it’s a rental property next door to their home. That’s quite different, and especially if it’s rented and available to residents that live here in the city of Fort Worth,” Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker said, reported NBC 5.