Office Building May Become Housing Solution

office building
10405 East Northwest Hwy. | Image by LoopNet

In response to the growing demand for housing in the Lake Highlands area, plans are underway to revitalize a dilapidated office building into a residential haven for empty nesters.

The Dallas-based firm, The Javelin Group, has filed a zoning application to redevelop the property located at 10405 East Northwest Hwy.

Rob Baldwin, a land use planner and zoning consultant, revealed that the proposed project has garnered no opposition thus far, according to CandysDirt.com. Baldwin anticipates that the City Plan Commission will review the application during the summer months.

Describing the current state of the office building, Baldwin told CandysDirt.com, “It’s a scary old office building, kind of ugly.” He highlighted the presence of cell towers atop the structure and a sprawling parking lot, emphasizing the need for transformation.

The forthcoming development aims to cater specifically to the needs of empty nesters and individuals without children. Plans are still in the early stages, with ample space available on the 3.6-acre site to accommodate approximately 30 to 40 homes. Baldwin noted that the potential residences would differ from traditional single-family homes, likely featuring townhomes or patio homes to suit the target demographic.

Baldwin also emphasized the suitability of the proposed transformation to CandysDirt.com, citing the proximity of medical facilities and retirement apartments in the vicinity.

Baldwin highlighted the collaborative efforts with local officials, including discussions with District 10 Council Member Kathy Stewart and Plan Commissioner Tipton Housewright. “They’re generally supportive of housing,” Baldwin said, per CandyDirt.com. “There is a huge need for housing in Dallas and what I would say is a huge need for empty nester housing. I’m stuck in a house that’s too big and too tall, but there’s no place for me to go.”

Acknowledging the pressing need for housing options in Dallas, Baldwin told CandysDirt.com that he would focus on the significance of catering to the empty nester demographic. He anticipated that the homes would be priced in the range of $500,000 to $600,000, providing an attractive downsizing option for individuals looking to reinvest the proceeds from selling larger properties.

As the project progresses through the approval process, it represents a potentially promising step towards addressing the housing demands of Lake Highlands while revitalizing underutilized spaces to meet the new needs of the community.

However, Dallas has been struggling to capture the same level of demand and attention as surrounding North Texas communities, in part due to its slow permitting process under City Manager T.C. Broadnax, which has caused some large-scale commercial and multifamily projects to exceed budgeted costs and development timelines.

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