Candy’s Dirt is putting the spotlight on a local marketing professional who spoke with the online real estate news outlet about her life and career.

Taryn Dandurand is currently the marketing manager at Hillwood Communities.

Marketing in real estate these days can demand savvy digital strategies to reach a diverse, informed audience. Balancing old-school tactics with online platforms and SEO can be crucial. With increased competition and fluctuating market trends, staying relevant requires agility, creativity, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

Dandurand must have had those qualities in spades when she won the Marketing Professional of the Year award at the McSAM Awards last year.

“A career in marketing was in the cards for Taryn Dandurand. She was still a kid when her mom, Curran, founded Jack Black, the mega-successful men’s skin care line, in 2000. Early memories include sitting on her living room floor inspecting packaging labels.

“‘My mother was a huge inspiration for me. I saw what she built, and her drive and passion for marketing. I was just eight, but I knew what I wanted do.’

“Inherited or not, Taryn put her marketing talents to work. The Dallasite’s first gig was doing large scale activations for an experiential agency in San Francisco.”

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