Homes in the DFW area have become increasingly expensive in recent years; luckily, homebuyers on a budget can take a shot at two listings in Fort Worth under $320,000.

The region has experienced rapid population growth (outside of Dallas proper), leading to heightened demand for housing. This surge in demand, coupled with limited housing supply and burdensome building regulations, has driven up home prices significantly.

Additionally, rising interest rates have made mortgage payments more expensive, making it difficult to save for down payments and qualify for loans. Consequently, prospective homebuyers face intense competition, often resulting in bidding wars with California refugees that push prices even higher, exacerbating the situation.

Even still, Candy’s Dirt is putting the spotlight on two condos that are up for sale in Fort Worth and more easily attainable than the myriad other properties around the metroplex:

Anyone who’s house-hunting with a budget no greater than $320,000, save yourself some time and gasoline with one-stop shopping.

Head over to the highly-coveted Indian Creek neighborhood. Located in west Fort Worth, the Indian Creek gated community consists of condominiums near Shady Oaks Country Club. Within this compound two different one-story condos are on the market right now, each one priced well below $320,000. They’re both similar and different — and worth checking out.

“They both have similar square footage,” said Realtor Kelly McLean with Williams Trew Real Estate. “And the location is fantastic.”

Agreeing with her is colleague Jo Ann Royer, a Realtor also with Willams Trew Real Estate. She likes Indian Creek well enough, she decided to live there herself.

“It is quiet, it is gated, and it is secure,” she said. “You can’t find this square footage and this price point on the west side of Fort Worth anywhere else. It sits in a great location.”

Priced at an incredible $235,000, McLean’s listing features two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home’s 1,356 square feet make it spacious enough for a grand piano in the living room, which leads to a designated dining space.