Craig Hall, the current developer of the Hall Park project, has begun a $500 million first phase redevelopment. Hall Park sits on Gaylord Parkway, across the street from the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. The old 162-acre business area held an assortment of smaller office buildings, two of which have already been demolished. The project is expected to take fifteen to twenty years to fully complete and will cost around $7 billion in total.

According to the Dallas Reports, the new high-rise buildings will feature a “16-story, 410,000-square-foot office tower, a 19-story, 214-unit apartment building, a 154-room boutique hotel, and a 10,000-square-foot food hall.”

The grand project includes the expansion of Hall Park by nine million square meters and a brand new community park as the centerpiece. Hall also has plans to develop designated residential zones and new apartment complexes.

Craig Hall told reporters about his ambitious redevelopment. He stated, “We spent a lot of time, effort, energy, and money redesigning Hall Park and improving our game to make sure we thought of everything to make it mixed and walkable.”

Hall’s new park will have features more conscious of a post-pandemic world. Craig states that emphasis will be placed on more outdoor involvement and wellness. “We believe that future tenants will be much more oriented in this direction,” he said. “We build two balconies for each office floor to go outside [and] also have two large decks on the convenience level that overlook the park.”

Frisco ISD plans to install a $114 million performing arts center on one side of the park. The community park will have visual projects done by American artists, including a large piece by Janet Echelman.

The expansion and redevelopment began in 2017, with the first major changes occurring this week. The first redesign, a one-million-square-foot chunk of Hall Groups’ Frisco project, is set to be available to the public as soon as 2023.