Candy’s Dirt is putting the spotlight on a local father-son duo’s property tax business — Goodrich Realty Consulting:

“Whoever said, ‘A father teaches his son to tie a tie; a son teaches his father to tweet,’ could have been talking about Jim Goodrich and his son Glenn. Theirs is the perfect partnership – each brings unique skills, strengths, and resources to the table.

“Glenn’s decision to join the family’s firm, Goodrich Realty Consulting, wasn’t planned. After earning his master’s degree in real estate land development in 2009, he faced a harsh reality.

“’There was absolutely nothing in my field going on at the time,’ he said. ‘But I realized I could use my data science background to help scale my father’s property tax business.’

“His hunch paid off.

“’I was running the company like a legacy business,’ said Jim. ‘My expertise is building relationships. With Glenn’s skill set, we’re able to offer our clients the best of all worlds – personalization with cutting-edge technology.’

“It works, especially with credibility being the common thread.

“’It’s our core value. In order to move forward, you have to maintain trust,’ said Jim.

“Son Glenn added that they work with the same set of decision-makers ‘over and over again.’

“’They have the power to lower the value of a property. You have to be credible if they’re going to listen to you,’ he said.”

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