DFW Realtor Creates Dream Home Finder Program

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DFW Realtor can bring your dream home to life. | Image by Dilok Klaisataporn

Award-winning real estate professional Terry Hendricks of RE/MAX DFW Associates has created a program he thinks will help. Hendricks announced the limited-time opening of his creation, called the Dream Home Finder Program, in a press release on Tuesday.

Through the program, Hendricks offers aspiring home buyers help accessing off-market properties. The limited-time opportunity requires no sign-up fee. Neither are there any preliminary obligations.

Program participants gain access to attractively priced homes that are not discoverable on Zillow or other realty-based websites.

With the housing market now as sizzling as Texas summers, having access to DFW homes before they go on the market is significant leverage. Hendricks has reliable knowledge of pre-foreclosures, non-owner-occupied properties, and neighborhood geo-targeting.

“It may seem almost impossible to find a nice home unless you have a stack of cash or a pot of gold,” Hendricks said in a press release. “In fact, you don’t need either of those things, if you know the insider secrets to find your dream home.”

“I’ve helped countless families buy and sell here in the Dallas market thanks to my Dream Home Finder Program,” he continues. “Finding off-market deals takes a lot of time and investment, which is how we can give you access to the very best homes available before they hit the Internet and before there is a bidding war to purchase them. That’s the only way to get a great deal in this very hot market.”

Last year, DFW was confirmed to be one of the most sought-after real estate markets in the country.

Not only is our metroplex enticing to transplants: eighty percent of the people purchasing homes in DFW are coming from within the state. With competition that stiff, it is advantageous to link to someone savvy like Hendricks.

“When I purchased my first home in the early 2000s, the market was a lot like it is right now,” Hendricks recalled. “Home prices were going up and up and up. The competition was fierce, and I did the same things that most people are still doing today–using real estate websites to look for a home. But I learned very quickly that the best homes were selling before they even hit the market.”

For more information on the Dream Home Finder Program, contact Terry Hendricks at (972) 299-3032.

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