The Dallas-Fort Worth area, and much of Texas for that matter, has been dealing with a housing shortage, prompting complaints about high prices and some of the burdensome regulations keeping developers from meeting the demand.

In Dallas, for instance, developers face numerous hurdles. Under former City Manager T.C. Broadnax, the Development Service Department has seen periodic permit backlogs, lengthy turnaround times, and various inefficiencies, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

“Every hitch and delay in the development process, from reviews to supply chain to available labor to financing to inspections, adds to the final cost of housing, and every increase in cost leads buyers out of the market,” reads the background and purpose statement of HB 14, a Texas law seeking to bolster the state’s housing supply.

With all the red tape out there, others are thinking outside the box to address the issue, with one company deploying 3D-printing technology in its effort to revolutionize housing construction.

Candy’ got a chance to preview what this technology can offer homebuyers. Here’s a bit from that report:

“Given that home affordability, sustainability, and the undersupply of shelter is one of real estate’s most urgent problems, we knew it wouldn’t take technology long to fix it. Enter the 3D-printed construction technology of ICON and COO Graeme Waitzkin.

“ICON offered and other real estate insiders an extended walk-through and reception inside ICON’s phenomenal House Zero last week at the National Association of Real Estate Editors annual conference in Austin.”

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