Selling a home can be complicated. Using a realtor will save you time and money by setting the correct price for your home, marketing and showing your property, advising you about the pros and cons of offers submitted for your home, and helping you negotiate terms.

Set a Fair Price

If you ask too much, you may not find a buyer. Listing the home properly from day 1 is key! Websites with quick value estimators aren’t the way to determine the value of your home, and most often, are not even accurate. Go to the only people with the data and the expertise to accurately read your market: realtors.

Market Your Property

While preparing your home for viewing by prospective buyers, remember that people buy on emotions. Your home has to feel right, look right, and even SMELL right, or buyers will look elsewhere. Look at your home objectively and listen to suggestions from your agent about ways to make your home more appealing, such as cleaning, decluttering, removing personal items, making cosmetic repairs, etc.

Consider Your Options

When a buyer makes an offer, what do you do? Not every offer is the right offer for you. Your realtor will help you review it. If you’re lucky enough to have more than one offer, he or she will discuss your options to do what’s best for you. Once an offer is accepted by you and the buyers, the buyers will perform inspections and finalize the deal.

This real estate column is brought to you by Kylah Artz, a local real estate agent with Texas Urban Living, serving the DFW area.