A Wave of Evictions Expected Once Eviction Ban Is Lifted

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Housing advocates and local elected officials in Dallas expect a wave of evictions as the eviction ban ends this week. There are fears that the evictions could lead to the displacement of many vulnerable people. 

According to the advocates, the eviction ban served as a protection for low-income renters. A July survey of the U.S Census Bureau found that about one-third of Texas tenants do not have a reliable means to pay next month’s rent. Forty percent of the Texans who are behind on rent expect to be evicted within August and September. 

Considering that unemployment benefits have been slashed, lifting the protection would slow the economic recovery of these financially vulnerable people. 

According to the survey results, African Americans and Latin Americans will be the ones most affected by this displacement. About 40% of Black and Latino renters in Texas have expressed uncertainty in the likelihood of making next month’s rent, with about 20% of Whites doing the same. 

Trerod Hall, an attorney with Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, said in a statement in Dallas County’s eviction court,  “With each month, we think there will be an increase in evictions, so we will need more people on the ground to help us with providing rental assistance, and help with representing clients in court.” 

Hall also stated his concern over the hot housing market. He fears that the immense demand for housing in Dallas might encourage landlords to evict tenants and raise rents or sell their property. 

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