‘Texans Fight!’: TX House Candidate Keresa Richardson

Keresa Richardson | Image by Keresa Richardson for Texas

Keresa Richardson is headed to the Republican primary election with a solid grassroots campaign, looking to make changes in the Texas House of Representatives as an active fighter for securing the border, protecting children, tackling the complexities of property tax, and fostering election integrity.

Richardson seeks to assist in recalibrating the moral compass of District 61 by unseating incumbent Frederick Frazier (R-McKinney), who is pursuing re-election despite having pleaded “guilty” and “no contest” to multiple misdemeanor charges stemming from the 2022 primary, including impersonating a public servant.

District 61 contains roughly 210,000 citizens and encompasses multiple communities, including those in McKinney, Anna, Celina, Frisco, Melissa, Prosper, and Frisco in Collin County.

Richardson is familiar with the pressing issues these and other neighborhoods face, having been an entrepreneur in DFW, San Antonio, and the Austin area for over 40 years. She’s built an enterprise from the ground up in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, refrigeration, and pest control industry.

Richardson’s commitment to integrity and transparency is among the motivators for her decision to seek election, she said, noting that no one is immune to the consequences of corruption in the legislature.

“If we do not take [Frazier] out now, we will have corruption in office, and I just can’t let that happen to Texas,” asserted Richardson, adding she and her husband are “true-blue Texans” who recognize that something must change. As such, Richardson is stepping up to be a voice for those who also acknowledge the need to return to fundamental values.

Securing the border is a paramount talking point in this election, with Richardson conveying that many of the growing concerns Texans are experiencing tie into border control, directly and indirectly. Richardson explained that everything from the healthcare and educational system to child and adult trafficking to the fentanyl crises are continually negatively impacted by loose borders.

“This [border] invasion must stop,” said Richardson. “We cannot back down. We have to fight. One of my mantras is ‘Texans Fight!’ We fight for the border, we fight for children, and we fight for other Texans. It’s time.”

In relation to her fight for children, The Dallas Express asked Richardson where she stands on school choice.

“I am all about parental rights,” stated Richardson. “The parents need to choose, whether it is homeschooled, charter school, public school, private school, or a combination — the parent should decide where their child will thrive.”

“The money needs to follow the child,” added Richardson. “Every child is gifted differently — and are auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners. One of my big beefs is we took the trades out of the schools. A third of our students who are kinesthetic learners — which means they learn by doing — have dropped out because they cannot be successful any longer. Many [dropouts] turned to drugs and alcohol or ended up in our prison system because we failed them. We must get back to helping each child succeed.”

“Kids are not wards of the state. They were given by God to the parents, and the parents need to be making the choices,” she emphasized.

“Parents need to be able to exert their rights; we must take our schools back,” explained Richardson. This includes not allowing our kids to be brainwashed with manipulative and dysfunctional agendas, school boards, councils, and Democrats chairing Republican committees: “It’s time to get mad and fight.”

“We need new leadership,” said Richardson, adding that Left-leaning ideology being taught in the classrooms and propagated in legislation is deteriorating our moral compass.

“You take God out [of everything] and then expect people to act with morality — our forefathers knew this could not happen — they knew [without religion] we would go off the rails. We are not safe like we used to be.”

Concerning property tax, Richardson maintained that the system is too complicated. People should not have to work all their lives to buy a house only to retire and not be able to afford the property tax, she asserted.

“The burden cannot be just on property owners,” said Richardson.

In addressing election integrity, Richardson stated that we need to give the power to prosecute election fraud cases back to the attorney general. Furthermore, Richardson does not trust the current election system, explaining that there are too many ways to alter ballot votes.

“When I go to vote, it spits out a barcode,” explained Richardson. “I can’t read the barcode to know if it is actually showing what I put — I don’t think we can trust our current election system.”

“We do not have another election cycle to waste,” Richardson stressed.

The candidate encourages voters to respond to the urgent call to use their vote to protect decency and sound principles for Texas today and future generations.

“If we lose Texas, we lose America,” Richardson said, noting that she is hopeful that people have woken up to see how bad things have gotten.

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