This is part two of a two-part series on Texas State Senate District 30 candidate Jace Yarbrough.

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The Dallas Express continued its conversation with Yarbrough, who discussed his thoughts on some of the issues facing Texas children and families.

When asked about school choice, Yarbrough emphatically replied, “I am absolutely in favor of empowering parents to choose the education they know is best for their kids.”

Yarbrough asserted, however, that there is more to the issue than is typically discussed.

School choice is “not just about giving those who want it a path to a different form of education than the public school system, but it is also about making sure that the public school system we currently have, which is going to serve the vast majority of Texas students, is consistent with Texas values,” said Yarbrough.

“The cultural chaos that we feel, and the only way to reverse it, is through reforming what is going on in our public schools,” contended Yarbrough, noting that he grew up in the public school system and had a good experience. Even still, he said what he experienced is not what is happening in schools today.

“Today, the curriculum that is being pushed in our schools is established by bureaucrats in Austin who have values that are contrary to right-thinking Texas families,” said Yarbrough, adding that these officeholders want to “clandestinely separate families from their children because they think that somehow giving our children traditional beliefs about family, God, our country, and the blessing it is to be an American and to be a Texan is somehow a bad thing — and not just a bad thing, but the worst kind of thing.”

Yarbrough also touched on the issue of potentially inappropriate materials being made available to children under the guise of educational value.

“Would you give your 16-year-old a Playboy in order for him to read the comments?” asked Yarbrough. People get “so caught up with the technique of reading that they have forgotten what the end of the reading is.”

He said that our appetites should align with what is good to discern truth and upright values, from which there is true freedom.

Currently, “we are inflaming the deviant desires of our children” in our classrooms, he said.

Yarbrough said he wants to challenge voters to think fundamentally about what the purpose of education is and is not. In addition to empowering parents, he said he would like to see more audits of state-wide organizations responsible for establishing curriculums.

He said voters need to take a hard look at the philosophies that are driving what is being presented to Texas children and ask why these left-wing philosophies are permeating public schools and undermining what he considers to be Texas values.

“I think we need to be asking these questions, and I am committed to doing that,” said Yarbrough.

Another way to protect children, Yarbrough said, is to address the transgender movement and transgender medicine. As an attorney, Yarbrough has done extensive research on the topic as it relates to minors as part of a case in which he defended a Christian psychologist. “The only word to describe what we do to children in the name of medicine is ‘demonic’ — we have got to give parents who recognize this an immediate path to get their children away from it,” he said.

On the subject of Christian values being replaced by diabolic depictions, Yarbrough pointed to the desecration of a “common heritage and common formation as a people.”

“We no longer have the privilege of drafting off of this common conviction,” explained Yarbrough. As such, “things like demonic pagan statues or idols get set up not just as an object of study, but sometimes as an object to be venerated.”

“I stand absolutely against this,” said Yarbrough, adding that he has been called plenty of names for sticking to his convictions.

“That’s fine. You can call me names,” added Yarbrough. “I am not going to keep quiet about my convictions.” He encourages others to do the same to protect children today and future generations.

March 5 is the primary election. Yarbrough is running in the Republican primary for Texas State Senate District 30 against Cody Clark, Brent Hagenbuch, and Carrie de Moor.