‘Get Some Control Back’: Carrie de Moor’s Run for TX Senate

Carrie de Moor | Image Carrie de Moor/Facebook

Republican Carrie de Moor is launching a bid for Texas Senate District 30 with a campaign focused on election integrity, border security, and medical autonomy for Texans.

The district, which includes Wichita Falls and parts of Denton, is currently represented by Sen. Drew Springer (R-Muenster), who announced in November that he would not seek re-election.

With the seat up for grabs in the next election cycle, de Moor hopes to win the favor of Republican voters. In an interview with The Dallas Express, de Moor said she believes election integrity, border security, and medical autonomy “go hand in hand.”

“As an ER doctor, I see the border as a problem for me and my colleagues and for our constituents … every single day. I see the impact of it,” she said. “I don’t think we can really talk about many other issues until we get that fixed because it’s impacting our healthcare system. It’s impacting our education. It’s impacting safety.”

“We’re not doing well by people either allowing them to come into the country in this manner because nobody’s coming across for free,” de Moor said. “They’re coming across enslaved. They’re coming across trafficked. … [When] we talk about where we invest as a state, our focus needs to be on that and the impact the border’s having. That’s a huge thing for me.”

Furthermore, de Moor said she aims to combat a “movement” in Texas toward a “universal healthcare mentality.”

“I adamantly oppose the universal healthcare movement,” she said. “We’ve watched independent practice and medicine get eroded over the last decade in this state. And I think that we can do some things within Texas that actually will help … get some control back.”

“We’ve done a lot that has pushed physicians and patients out of the driver’s seat and put the government in control,” she explained, referencing COVID-19 vaccine mandates as examples of citizens losing “medical freedom.”

“When the government controls the purse strings to your healthcare … they’re going to decide what you get. … There will be no choice. There will be no medical decision-making,” she said. “And that is the ultimate loss of your medical freedom and liberty.”

De Moor explained that her political views are based on her “biblical worldview.” She asserted that Texas must combat “woke ideologies that are spreading within our schools” and “start refocusing on the nuclear family.”

De Moor said she was “disappointed” that the recent legislative session did not accomplish more and that it chose instead to focus on the “unnecessary distraction” that was the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has endorsed de Moor.

“The attorney general has been for our state in defending our freedom and our liberty,” she said. “The government exists to ensure that our liberty and freedom is protected and guaranteed. … He was doing so much important work.”

Furthermore, de Moor asserted that Democrats “are always staying lockstep” with each other while Republicans fight amongst themselves.

She said that she is “100% on board” with restricting transgender hormones and sex-altering surgeries for minors. De Moor said it is particularly important for her to stand up against these issues as a medical professional.

While the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 14 last year, which restricts transgender procedures for minors, de Moor said more work can be done in fighting “gender-affirming care [that is] non-surgical.”

She said Texas needs “strong enough protections” to ensure that children cannot be “groomed” by figures, such as counselors, into believing they are transgender.

De Moor said her biggest challenge moving forward would likely be combating “fake news” about her and her views, but added that she believes this campaign is something God has called her to do.

“I’m excited about the fact that I’m not 100% sure what God has in store for me,” she said. “I know he wants me to do this. I have felt called to it, and I’m not sure that I see the full picture yet.”

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