Texas Rep. Kronda Thimesch, a North Texas native, is running for re-election with “securing the border” as her top priority.

Thimesch is serving her first term in the Texas House, having represented HD 65, which includes Lewisville and much of southern Denton County, since January 2023. With the Republican primaries being held on March 5, Thimesch is running for re-election and says border security remains her number one priority.

“Biden’s open border policies endanger our state and nation,” according to her campaign website.

Thimesch voted last year for legislation “to invest over $6 billion for border security and to construct a border wall and add water barriers in the Rio Grande River.”

She also supported legislation enacting property tax relief and barring biological men from participating in women’s sports. Thimesch’s record in fighting what Gov. Greg Abbott called the “radical leftist agenda” earned her his endorsement, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“I’m not here today because I want Kronda Thimesch back in the Texas House — I’m here because I need Kronda Thimesch back in the Texas House,” the governor said.

Thimesch was also recently endorsed by the DMN Editorial Board.

“[S]he has served her constituency well,” wrote the DMN. “She should be re-elected.”

However, after voting to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton, Thimesch is facing a primary challenge from Mitch Little, who previously served as her campaign treasurer and one of Paxton’s defense attorneys.

Thimesch told the DMN that she voted in favor of the impeachment after carefully reviewing the evidence in the case, not after pressure from Speaker Dade Phelan.

Thimesch has also highlighted creating a “stronger education system” in Texas as a key issue. She previously served for five years on the school board of Lewisville ISD.

“As State Representative, [Thimesch] is working to ensure that education dollars serve our students and empower our teachers,” according to her campaign.

Thimesch also said she “supports Governor Abbott’s plan to increase education freedom and options for students because parents know what’s best for their children.”

She has also made clear that she does not believe critical race theory has any place in the classroom.

“Each of us is made equal by our Creator, but Critical Race Theory teaches our children to see each other first as members of a racial group — as oppressors or oppressed. That’s wrong,” her campaign site reads. “We are Texans, and we are Americans.”

“Kronda will not stand for this fringe liberal ideology, pitting us against one another and poisoning future generations along racial lines. Kronda will stand against CRT’s destructive ideology,” it continues.

Thimesch also authored the “Save Our Swifties” bill, which took effect in September. The legislation aims to crack down on bots that “over-purchase” tickets from online ticket sale websites.

“The prevalence of bots in ticket sales has made it very difficult for Texans to see their favorite artists,” Thimesch said, per The Cross Timbers Gazette. “SB 1639’s passage will bring much needed relief to concertgoers, sports fans, theatre buffs, and many others who enjoy live events by banning the use of bots.”

Other key issues highlighted by Thimesch’s re-election campaign include public safety, economic growth, tax reform, medical autonomy, election integrity, and a strong education system.