Liberty Report: Yet Another Enemy at the Texas Border

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agent detains an unlawful migrant | Image by vichinterlang/Getty Images

The invasion at our Texas Border, now at historical record highs, is an issue that has long been exasperated by both the Mexican government and our federal government. Millions of illegals from over 150 different countries stream into the USA a year. Anyone with eyes—and an honest disposition—can see this.

Texas, the largest Republican-controlled state, is being overrun by huge stadium-size group of people who flood across our border every three months. The logistics alone are mind-boggling. Your average illegal alien has not exactly been trained in land navigation and certainly has only the most limited understanding of what to do once they make it across. Help is being provided.

Across the border, the help comes in the form of near-corporatized cartels, who, in partnership with the Mexican government, make big bucks moving bodies into America. But—and this is rarely discussed—there is also help on the U.S. side of the border. And this “help” has a name: non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

You may be unfamiliar with this acronym, but NGOs are everywhere. Commonly understood as “non-profits,” NGOs have become a hidden force in American politics and social movements. They enjoy a tax-free status and do not have to publicly disclose much of their revenue, contributions, or contributors, most of which come from the federal government. This gives them enormous financial and social latitude to do what they wish.

But the fix, sadly, has been in for a while. Because Border Patrol holding stations have been over capacity for so long, rather than lend real assistance, the Biden administration began granting billions of dollars to NGOs to help with processing. Everything from shelter, food, and final destination (of their choice) transportation is now outsourced.

And the American taxpayer foots this bill.

By all accounts, there is no oversight of how many NGOs work along the border. Millions of dollars have gone missing, and there is zero accounting of activities. If an illegal makes it across the border, there is a good chance an NGO will clothe, feed, and provide an all-expense paid plane ticket to the sanctuary city of their choice. American tax dollars are funding yet another incentive program for illegal aliens.

Aside from obvious security issues (this is a terrorist’s dream) and the massive financial stress on our social systems, not to mention the sheer insanity of willingly paying organizations to aid and abet what is now appropriately termed an invasion of America, darker trends are emerging.

NGOs check the identification (impossible to verify) and pass out visas to hundreds of thousands of illegals in Mexico so they can bypass ICE in Texas.

Children and adolescents who cross without family now disappear and cannot be tracked. Abuse and sex trafficking of minors and women are burgeoning. Drugs are saturating our streets and killing our citizens. These black markets that hitherto only nominally existed in America now do big business.

These NGOs are doing the bidding of the cartel-controlled Mexican government and Biden-led federal government and should be exposed, starting with Annunciation House.

Texas should assume NGOs are breaking the law by transporting illegals. This is a felony and should be treated as such. Organization directors and employees (including subcontractors like bus drivers) should be arrested. Materials should be confiscated. They must be forced to prove in state court that their activities are legal. Organizations that are providing a legitimate short-term service, like clothing donations, may or may not remain. But only after protocols have been established.

We must put a moratorium on all NGO border projects until a thorough investigation and assessment have been made. If the Border Patrol is overwhelmed—and they are—Texas can provide free transportation back to Mexico. No one stays in America for more than a week or two.

Finally, I call on the Texas Legislature to pass laws preventing third-party organizations from working on border matters involving the transportation or housing of illegal aliens. This would set off yet another fight with the federal government, which I gladly welcome.

As I mentioned earlier, the cause and continuation of the invasion at the Texas border is simple. Likewise, so are the solutions. All it takes is honesty, courage, and determination—virtues most Texans have. Do our politicians?

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