Why is the Evil of Racism so Persistent?

"Stop Racism" message concept
Man showing a message that says "Stop Racism" on his hands.| Image by Vladimir Vladimirov
Why is the evil of Racism so persistent? Is it because it is at the core of humanity? Something inherent in us?

I see this as a strange dichotomy between the Majority & Minority – the Majority imposing discrimination and abuse against the helpless minority. But what if the Minority becomes the Majority – would they behave any differently?

We can test this – blacks are a minority here in the US – they face discrimination constantly – we have tons of letters, editorials, articles condemning Racism. They teach us to not see people based on skin color – skin color is not the person – the person could be a Doctor, Teacher, Soldier, Scientist, father, mother, friend, neighbor and so much more

But all the Racist sees is skin color – he does not see the human being

Something similar happened to the Jews under the Nazis – here again, they were not seen as human beings – all the Nazis saw was their belief – their religion and that one facet alone – similar to skin color – condemned them to gas chambers

But what happens when blacks find themselves as the majority? Would they embrace the same hate as the majority?

Amazingly the answer is a resounding yes!

I was talking to a co-worker of mine, an African-American, a friend I mistakenly thought, and we were discussing racism and the state of human relations in the US. Things were going swimmingly well until I happened to mention that I was an Atheist Hindu!

Suddenly everything changed! He coolly informs me that I was going to hell! Works are not enough or do not matter! One factor alone – my belief – will send me to gas chambers in hell! Of course I won’t be alone! Billions of us – Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists will all be set apart – old people, children, even babies, pregnant women & others – ALL will be set apart & dumped into gas chambers in hell! Who we are as people won’t matter – our “crime” will be our belief or lack of it – that’s it! Just one single factor will be enough for us to face brutality and abuse forever!

All this religion had to do was promise an eternal life of ease & comfort & my “friend” became a willing Nazi – ready to dump innocent men, women and children into gas chambers in hell! We usually find such scum supporting Dictators like Putin, Kim Jong Un, their ticket to the good life and any threat to them, they are willing to rape, torture & murder

My “friend” saw God the same way, his ticket to an eternal life of comfort and he too was willing to brutalize those who did not share his views

And the way he said it was so chilling! Like he was discussing the weather! Here is the same person who, just a few seconds ago, was talking to me about the evils of racism and discrimination and now was spouting the same racist language! Was more than willing to discriminate and preach hate! And we know he is not alone, Millions of blacks hold such views

And here I was boiling! Here was a man who I thought was a “friend”, coolly telling me that the very people that I love, my mother who had left us, my aunts, uncles, grandparents, others who had lost children, pregnant women are ALL so coldly to be dumped into gas chambers in hell! “We are people too, we have loved ones as well!” – I wanted to scream! “Just because we are Hindus, does not make us criminals!” Change the word “Hindus” to “black” and I am sure many a black person had used the very same words!

And yet it was amazing to see this chilling 180-degree turn-around by blacks, now Majority Christian, embrace the same hate & discrimination. Become willing Nazis, willing Racists!

Even some Nazis, I am sure, were upset to see Jews being led into gas chambers, but there was little they could do. If they protested, they too would end up with the Jews in the gas chambers!

But here, in a free country, are blacks, educated, intelligent, yet very willing Nazis in the service of their religion!

And even more amazingly, there are zero letters, zero articles, zero editorials condemning this hate that religions promote – NONE! I can very well imagine this letter will be read and quickly dumped into the delete folder. The slave more correct than the master in the service of religion.

We can see now why Racism can never be wiped out – when the victims themselves are so willing to hate & abuse others the same way Racists abuse them – how can any majority be made to see their wrongs?

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