The Ugly Side of Racism in Ukraine

Racism definition | Image by Casimiro PT

We have all been intently watching a mad man with immense power, going berserk, innocent people suffering, killed! Millions being driven out of their homes, families split apart. People with young children forced to flee, heart-rending images of calls made to loved ones, who chose to stay back home and fight for their motherland, going unanswered.

The frightening realization that their loved ones may be no more!

But even as we see all this suffering, we are still reminded that even as people face brutality, they are still capable of dishing out brutality themselves. Images of long lines of dark-skinned people, Africans and Indians, in a white nation, waiting for days to cross to safety, after being forced to walk for days with buses being “not available”, now stopped at the border while white Ukrainians are allowed to cross. We are back in the days of establishments with “Whites only” signs but this time these are countries putting up such signs

These are the same Ukrainians, who are witnessing the suffering of their people first-hand, yet could not see the same suffering in these people, minorities in their land, their dark skin covering up the fact that these were human beings! And so amazingly quickly, the majority Ukrainians now turn the backs on these minorities!

But we also know that back in their home countries these Africans and Indians are the majority. We have to ask, do these people treat their minorities the same way? Do they not discriminate against minorities?

So, sadly, all this talk of “We must treat all people equally! Treat others as we would want to be treated” – is just a case of  “Enlightened Minority?” and as soon as the Minority ceases to be a Minority or gains in numbers, all these wonderful values are gone?

Mob behavior has been studied extensively and here we see the same dichotomy between the Majority and Minority – a single person, a minority, behaves in a much more calm and assured manner than when in a mob – the majority. The mob will get violent if they face a minority, with much smaller numbers, but will back off when the opposition is equal or larger

We are willing to call out such discrimination and abuse but one entity is able to OPENLY promote this discrimination and hate, with a willing media and educated turning a blind eye to it. And that one entity is Religion. The top religions of the day are not unifiers, they are dividers, erecting “Believers only” signs at the entrance of Heaven!

And here, frighteningly, we see the same Minority, now the Majority, ready and willing to inflict pain & suffering on minorities! Blacks are a minority here in the US – almost every day we hear of one incident or other of racial discrimination – a slight slap here, an abuse there, a murder in another place – all based on the color of their skin

A black person could be a Doctor, Teacher, Scientist, Soldier, Mother, Father, Son, Friend, neighbor – but to a Racist, none of that matters – the only thing that matters is skin color

And we get the same morals being preached – “We must not judge people by skin color. We must treat ALL people equally” – ALL Great values until we get to religion. Now suddenly blacks find themselves as the Religious Majority in this nation and so amazingly quickly they are now ready and willing to abuse and discriminate against Religious Minorities – the unbelievers – the Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists and so many others!

“Heaven is for believers only. Works are not enough” in other words, works do not matter. Heaven now has a sign at its door – “Believers only!” All this religion has done is to change “skin color” to “Religion” and blacks happily now embrace the same hate as Racists!

To “God” who we are as people does not matter, what we did in life does not matter. Here again, we are Doctors, Teachers, Scientists, Soldiers, Mothers, Children, loving families and so much more, but none of that matters. One single factor, our belief or lack of it, will get us – Entire families, women, children, even babies – to be set apart & callously dumped into gas chambers in hell!

And who is on the other side condemning us to hell? Why, Blacks, of course! Now part of the majority, now embracing the same hate & division that they were subjected to!

To a Racist, Skin color alone matters, in deciding whether a person is a human being or not

To the Nazis, Religion, oh sorry, Race alone mattered!

And to the dominant religions of the day, Belief alone matters!

In the 21st century, Billions of “good, honest” people share values that align with Racism and Anti-Semitism!

It makes one question our core values, and it is especially frightening to hear and see the total silence from the educated, the media and of course, those who teach and study morals and values

Do morals & values not exist? At the end of the day, is it just a case of Might Makes Right? Then we know what is fueling the likes of Putin and Hitler. Victors write History books, all they have to do is win, and we will hail them as visionaries!

What sad times we live in.

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