Opinion: Vagrant Violence in Dallas

Vagrant laying on the ground | Image by Nomad_Soul

The homeless population in Dallas has become increasingly hostile and violent, with no end in sight. Dallas residents are forced to bear the burden as more and more of them are attacked in their own communities. Vehicle break-ins, home intrusions, and violent assaults perpetrated by vagrants are becoming a commonality around the city.

One of the most recent instances of these vagrant attacks was covered by The Dallas Express when a horrific assault on a couple in District 14 sent one of them to the hospital with serious injuries. “My husband was attacked by a homeless person while sitting in a parking lot near Carrol (sic) and Abrams,” said Jennifer Rodriguez, “He beat our car with a hammer. Broke out the windows!” When her husband exited the vehicle, the homeless man used the hammer to brutally attack him. The violent encounter resulted in her husband suffering a head injury and a torn rotator cuff.

“I’m afraid of random people, people panhandling,” Mrs. Rodriguez said. “Sorry, but this has really gotten out of hand. And, FYI, they don’t want a ride to the nearest shelter. They know where it is and don’t want to be there for various reasons. Mostly because they don’t want to follow rules!” Her concerns are absolutely justified, especially after experiencing such a traumatic event that no Dallas resident should have to go through. Where is the city? When asked for a response regarding this vicious attack in his district, Dallas City Councilmember Paul E. Ridley did not reply.

The Keep Dallas Safe team has also experienced this violence firsthand during our weekly surveys of encampments around the city. In June, we were documenting one of the encampments between Royal Ln and N Central, in District 13, when a vagrant man charged toward us and assaulted our vehicle. He began pounding on the doors and windows, prompting us to leave that area immediately. We’ve reported this encampment to Councilmember Donnell Gay Willis multiple times, but we have not received a response.

Just this month, as we were surveying a different encampment along Stemmons Trail, we were attacked again by a vagrant man. This time, the man wielded a stick as he blocked the road by standing in front of our vehicle, refusing to let us pass unless we gave him something. After briefly attempting to reason with him, we were able to get around the man and leave the area. We’ve reported this encampment to Councilmember Omar Narvaez on several occasions, and yet again, no response has been given.

Thankfully, in each incidence we are extremely lucky that none of us were ruthlessly beaten like Mrs. Rodriguez’s husband was.

Dallas residents must demand that their elected city representatives take serious action to address this issue. Vagrants are on the rise in Dallas, and as more people are living on the streets, more of these violent attacks will happen. It’s completely outrageous that the good people of Dallas are getting beaten and abused while their representatives ignore their concerns and fail to protect them. Demand better from your councilmember; Tell them to prioritize homelessness and ensure your safety!

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  1. Rodger Nation

    Why are the servants of Dallas not taking these angry vagrants seriously?

  2. James David Mcquillen

    Are you serious, Dallas leaders are Democrats. Look at CALIFORNIA, CHICAGO, NEW YORK. MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA. ALL RAN BY DEMOCRATS. and Now the democrats want to turn TEXAS into those States. There never going to solve the problem, because it Makes them Wealthy. It’s called corruption. Bigger Government. People have less control.

  3. Herb Wynans

    While some of these vagrants and homeless – about 1.37% – are in this situation through no fault of their own and truly need and deserve our compassion and assistance, I suspect the vast majority are shiftless bums intent only on taking advantage of the tender-hearted, gullible members of our community who are in denial that their good intentions will only result in Dallas becoming another L.A., Frisco, or Seattle


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