Opinion: The Bullying of America

Person being bullied | Image by Andrey_Popov

When are conservatives going to fight back against the violence of the left?  It’s glaringly obvious that the radicals in the Democrat party are using tactics that put many people in fear of physical assault or damage to their property.  This became clear during the Trump presidency when proud Americans were beaten up in public for wearing hats supporting him. Viral videos of hats being snatched from the heads of people in restaurants, in shopping malls, or just walking along a street became common.

Did we ever think the time would come when people wearing caps that read “Make America Great Again” would be subjected to vicious attacks?  Contrarily, those who displayed support for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and even Fidel Castro would have no fear of reprisal for wearing political apparel.

A few years ago, while attending a family reunion on Long Island, I was reminded of the potential for danger if I wore my red “MAGA” hat.  We were gathered at a family member’s home in East Hampton, a well-known enclave of wealthy leftists. The family member, a conservative, was an anomaly in that ultra-liberal community. One afternoon, when we were preparing to take a walk along the well-manicured sidewalks of the exclusive shopping area of town, I asked if it would be out of place to wear my cap.  Although it was unlikely that I’d be risking my life, I was cautioned about the looks I’d receive from the local gentry.  Moreover, I was told there was always a chance that someone would do more than glance disapprovingly at my dauntlessness.

Just as I was about to abandon the idea in order to avoid controversy during such a happy, fun-filled weekend, two of my nephews spoke up.  “Uncle Bob, if you want to wear the hat, just do it, because we’ll be walking alongside of you.”  Allen and Louie, two of the biggest, toughest, most muscular guys you’d ever want on your side in a fight, were telling me they’d handle any nattering nabobs of negativism who might imperil my innocuous shopping spree.  With a couple of black-belt karate achievers flanking me, I proudly strode through the center of town wearing a message seldom seen in that radical left stronghold.

Nevertheless, some of the startled looks fired at me were indicative of the level of shock one would encounter if a UFO landed in the middle of the street.  I couldn’t have gotten more contemptuous expressions in that citadel of aristocracy if I had been wearing a sandwich board that read, “Greasy Joe’s Diner opening soon.”

The point of this story is that our country is no longer the bastion of free speech it was founded as. You are literally risking serious injury or death because of opinions that, during a saner time in our history, you could freely express. On social media, we’re constantly warned against criticism of radical causes. Say the wrong thing, according to the leftist censors, and you will be punished.

Even the Supreme Court cannot escape the bullying tactics of the virulent left.  Last year, when a draft of their opinion on Roe v. Wade was leaked to the public, it didn’t take long before protesters showed up at the homes of those who allegedly voted (in the draft) to overturn the 1973 decision. This is happening despite the fact that it’s against the law. U.S. Code 1507 states that any individual who “pickets or parades with the intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer near a U.S. court or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer will be fined, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

However, as we can readily observe, the crazy left is unconcerned about laws. Furthermore, the Biden administration is not likely to enforce the law, inasmuch as their political base is largely made up of these lawbreakers. Add to that the fact that many Republicans are reluctant to pound the lectern in favor of incarcerating those who give the middle finger to the Constitution, and we are staring chaos in the face.

How much bullying from the nihilist left will we take before we fight back? The only action that prevents bullying is the intestinal fortitude and strength of character to take a stand against it.  My nephews, walking alongside me, were an excellent example of how to short-circuit any risk of personal injury. Yet, when Supreme Court justices can be intimidated with impunity, how long can average Americans feel safe?

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  1. ThisGuyisTom

    Bob Weir writes some excellent stuff! 
    He is right when he says, “The point of this story is that our country is no longer the bastion of free speech it was founded as.”
    Robert F Kennedy, Jr. will be announcing his Presidential run as a Democrat on Wednesday April 19.

    In New Hampshire, Bobby Kennedy delivered a wonderful address! 
    By the end of that speech he highlights a main focus of his campaign. 
    Robert F Kennedy, Jr. is intent on bridging the toxic polarization that divides Republicans and Democrats.
    Anyone with two brain cells knows that elite powerful entities want to keep the American people divided and distracted with “rage clicks”.

    RFK, Jr. Speech at New Hampshire Institute of Politics

  2. R Reason

    “Contemptuous expressions” and “startled looks” are not forms of bullying; and “protesters” are not synonymous with unlawful activity. That leaves histrionics.

    • daniel

      he never said it was but good try conflating it. He was saying physical assaults were the bullying.

      • R Reason

        Both looks and physical assault are seen as “bullying tactics”.  The author of this op-ed is the real bully, conflating a molehill of grievances with a mountain of melodrama.

  3. Bill

    I dont see any of the bullying in Texas like they see in other liberal states. I wouldn’t hesitate to step in if I were out and saw some of the left destroying businesses and damaging others property.
    It would be interesting to find out how many BLM protesters were actually charged wit a crime.


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