Opinion: The Biden Train Wreck Just Got Worse


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The Biden administration has revealed, beyond any doubt, the complete contempt and disdain they have for the American voters.  What confirms this suspicion is the name of the scaled back Green New Deal law signed by President Biden.  The new law titled “The Inflation Reduction Law” does nothing to reduce inflation and everything to increase it.

It will be up to the voters this November to clearly demonstrate how wrong the Democrats are in thinking we would believe this new law will do anything to reduce inflation.  Biden called it one of the most important laws in the nation’s history.  He would be correct to call it one of the most destructive laws in the nation’s history.  Let’s look at what this dishonestly named law does and expose how it will exacerbate inflation.

First, what do its backers claim? They say it will lower drug costs for those with Medicare, it will stabilize health care premiums for millions, give us cleaner air and take a big step towards saving the planet by impacting climate change, while providing significant savings on energy bills for most Americans.

Regarding the $300 billion that is supposed to stop climate change, it will likely prove to be another boondoggle, a slush fund to reward labor unions and other friends of Biden and Schumer, this time throwing in their favorite new criteria – equity – while doing nothing to change the average global temperature or to make flooding, forest fires or hurricanes less intense. Think Solyndra and other political payoffs. Think rising energy prices, and longer lines to get poorer quality healthcare.

The law includes subsidies to the wealthy who can afford to buy EVs, Electric Vehicles. Don’t worry about those sky-high gas prices. We won’t need gas any more in Biden-world.

How will they reduce health care costs?   By limiting the prices the government will pay for medicines.  In a year or so we will see medicines disappearing and no longer being available at any price. Of course, when that happens, they will blame the greedy hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical and other health related corporations.  Certainly not their price controls.  And when inflation is even worse than when the bill was signed, their defense will be, “the benefit of the new law hasn’t kicked in yet,” and of course to blame Republicans for forcing them to scale back their wonderful Build Back Better plans that would have solved everything.

The upcoming road show has already begun.  The media is now proclaiming that with this new law, with gasoline falling back a dollar a gallon (which is, of course, thanks to Biden’s policies, unlike when the price went up it was because of those greedy gas station owners and oil company profiteering) and all of these great benefits we’re getting from Biden’s legislative success, more people are now going to vote for the Democrats in November.  Isn’t that what they’re telling us the new polls are showing? What red wave?

This is insane.  The border is still wide open and completely out of control.  Law and order is still broken down in major cities.  Inflation is still destroying peoples’ budgets.  We have had two successive quarters of economic shrinkage (which used to be known as a recession) and are perhaps facing a third quarter.  Why would the voters want to continue with these failed policies?

The answer is they don’t!  A new survey commissioned by the Texas Latino Conservatives confirms the Republican Party’s Hispanic gains from 2020 are continuing into the 2022 election (click here for the overview). The Hispanic voters are joining the mainstream values as represented by the Republican Party.  The survey shows the overwhelming support for tougher border security, more oil and gas exploration, and they don’t want schools to become a place where captive students are brainwashed with the lies about gender fluidity, Critical Race Theory, and that the world is coming to an end because of climate change. The only good thing to have come out of the pandemic is that parents have become aware of the indoctrination that in recent years has been going on in our schools.

Do not believe the media lies that the Republican advantages going into the November elections have evaporated.  What the Democrats are calling their “many successes of Joe Biden” are in reality his failures disguised as success, thanks to a corrupt news media that is all in with the Democrats and the rest of their allies on the left.  All of the policies embodied in the Inflation Reduction Act could surpass even the international failures such as the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and lead to further chaos throughout the country and a worsening of inflation.

And if this weren’t enough, the student debt forgiveness is costing American taxpayers an additional $300 – $500 billion, while giving the middle finger to those families who passed on family vacations so they could create a college fund for their kids, and those who have recently paid off their college loans, and those who never went to college for any number of reasons.

“Pouring roughly half trillion dollars of gasoline on the inflationary fire that is already burning is reckless,” tweeted Jason Furman, who was chairman of the President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. “Doing it while going well beyond one campaign promise ($10K of student loan relief) and breaking another (all proposals paid for) is even worse.”

We agree!

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