If conservatives have any chance of reversing the rapid decline of our Constitutional Republic, it is going to come down to communication. If our team does not work together, unify our message, and amplify our talking points, we will fail. It is imperative that we disseminate our messaging, memes, and media in an unprecedented massive campaign to break through the fog of misinformation and lies.

As we enter the November presidential election season, the United States is at a crossroads. The weaponization of our justice system against the Republican nominee and the media propaganda supporting that effort has reached levels no American would have imagined even a few years ago.

Many are clamoring for a tit-for-tat strategy, as in using lawfare against Democrats in the same fashion as Democrats are using it against President Trump. That would be great. The difference is, many Democrats are actually guilty of major crimes, so yes, those crimes should absolutely be prosecuted. And those crimes should be prosecuted in red-state jurisdictions where Trump won in 2020. The rule of law must be enforced. If there are two systems of justice, one for liberals and one for conservatives, our Republic will not stand.

But an equally crucial issue is the outrageous propaganda being spewed by the “mainstream media.” How many of you remember Baghdad Bob, the Information Minister in Iraq, who would stand before the press and make ludicrously false statements at the behest of Saddam Hussein?

America has hit peak Baghdad Bob propaganda mode. We have a President who looks into the camera and lies to us every single day. And what’s worse is that his lapdogs in the press do not question him, but will report those lies with a straight face.

The “Mockingbird Media” in the United States and around the world has become so unreliable that many Americans are finally waking up to the fact that we cannot trust traditional news sources. The explosion of alternative media is encouraging, but conservatives are still lagging far behind the radical left in their messaging.

It’s been postulated that Democrats receive their talking points every morning at 5:00 am, and then they repeat the messaging verbatim in their daily reporting. Watch this shocking video for yourself.

So to every conservative journalist, every Republican elected official, every GOP candidate, and every Republican Party officer, how about we begin our own mockingbird media? How about we coordinate our messaging, memes, and media? Why don’t we send out our talking points on a daily basis to a vast network of allies who will amplify and expand our winning ideas?

It’s well past the time to sit idly by and watch the Democrats run circles around us. If we want to have a prayer of winning this November, it’s time to coordinate our messaging, memes, and media as we have never done before.