Opinion: Judge Jenkins to Use Taxpayer Funds to Pay Personal Legal Bills?


Judge Clay Jenkins | Image by Martin Deporto

Commissioners Court – April 2022

At the last commissioner’s court meeting there was endless talk of the Ukraine “situation”.

Mr. Jenkins you were pushing for Dallas County residents to stop doing business with companies that are still doing any kind of business in Russia.

This controlling behavior has to stop. Any time you mess with business, you impact the little peoples’ ability to support their families.

Stay in your Lane. This conflict has NOTHiNG to do with this court and NOTHING to do with Dallas county.

You aren’t even meeting your current duties as County Judge. Our jails aren’t passing inspection, you are personally responsible for businesses failing bc of your COVID policies, the homeless population is out of control, and you are instead more concerned about your Ukraine flag pocket square.

Where is your small business pocket square, success for South Dallas pocket square, success for children pocket square or how about reduce excess spending pocket square?

Not to mention that today you have asked the court to vote on paying “your personal legal bills via the communities foundation fund”. YOU decided to sue the Governor. The public gave these donations specifically for COVID front lines- not Clay Jenkins political gains.

This attempt to misappropriate funds amounting to $263,150 is disgusting. Was a collective vote taken for your lawsuit? Why would public donations to a charitable organization specifically given for PPE and pandemic related expenses cover your own personal legal expenses? Pay your bills, sir, on your own. Apparently you are in arrears going all the way back to August 2021. Not the Public’s concern nor is it our responsibility especially when there is no peer-reviewed data showing that masks provide any significant Covid protection. I challenge you to provide this data before you use a dime of these donations.

Are you really worried about suicide? Masks do not work. The peer reviewed medical analysis is readily available. Masking our children, our community and punishing small businesses are direct causes of local mental anguish and suicide.

CDC reports that “More than 1 in 3 high school students experienced poor mental health during the pandemic and nearly half of students felt persistently sad or hopeless.”

But keep pushing your “Ukraine” narrative. I guess our local students and families will have to wait.

These meetings should be more efficiently run. They are excessively long and not respectful of anyone’s time. Maybe it’s the point that you do not want your public to be here, but we are here and we as citizens will hold you accountable. Stop the political theater and do your job.

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8 months ago

Pandemic actually improved my health because I got outside, in the sun, got fit, ate better, took the good supplements, quit drinking, etc.

You know, all the things that ClayDaddy made sure he didn’t tell us about, because if anyone is going to stick to the script it is going to be him.

8 months ago

Typical leftist lunatic

Edik B
Edik B
Reply to  notwokeindallas
7 months ago

You are a proud Trump University graduate, right?

Edik B
Edik B
7 months ago

Whoever wrote this article she definitely has a flair for the dramatic. Typical Republican hyperbolic BS. The GOP and their “Boogeyman around every corner…” routine is getting tiresome. The only thing Republicans are good at is complaining. They never have good solid concrete solutions to any problem other than cut taxes for the rich people which doesn’t work for anybody. Judge Jenkins is the only person standing up for the average man on the street. You don’t see anybody wearing a red Trump hat helping anyone do you?!