Opinion: HUD Is Coming to Your Neighborhood

Houses being built | Image by Duncan Andison

As we sit comfortably in our homes, having dinner with our families, crime rates are going up all around us. That is to say that criminals are no longer relegated to the inner cities; they’ve evolved to suburbs and rural areas as they seek new and more vulnerable targets. The Biden Administration is fostering the decline of those outer areas by using the Housing and Urban Development agency to force suburbs to accept high-density affordable housing. For several decades, one of the major dreams of the middle class has been to own a home in the suburbs. Now, under the guise of prohibiting discrimination based on race, religion, gender, etc., Democrats have proposed regulations that would force any jurisdiction that accepts HUD funding to “promote equity in their communities, decrease segregation, and increase access to opportunity and community assets for people of color and other underserved communities.”

In other words, the left is saying that the route to upward mobility for disadvantaged minorities is dependent on their relocation to more affluent areas, where they will have access to more services. One wonders what services they’ll receive in a small town that they can’t get in a big city. By the way, could someone please tell me which communities in this country are segregated by race, or any other factor?  Furthermore, given how the left describes “equity,” we can be sure it means that every resident will demand to have the same level of affluence as their neighbors, whether they can afford it or not.

Once again, the left is preparing us for a socialist future in which no one is denied anything, their ability to pay for it notwithstanding. How long before those apartment dwellers, next door to your split-level home, start demanding that you allow them to use your pool because their edifice lacks one? After all, why would your family of 4 deny those scores of residents a chance to cool off on hot summer days? How dare you deprive people of the things you and your family enjoy! Could it be that you don’t like some races, nationalities, or genders? Are you a greedy bigot? This is the mindset being promoted by the radical left in an attempt to discourage and destroy the middle class.

The fact that segregation in housing ended about a half-century ago doesn’t mean the word is not still a valuable tool to further divide the country. The fact that you’d be hard pressed to find a neighborhood in the country that is not fully integrated means nothing to those who achieve power by keeping us divided. Through incompetence and radical policies, the left destroyed the inner cities. Now they plan to export their ineptitude to areas that have been diligent in creating safe and comfortable environments in which to raise families. Evidently, they concur with the adage “misery loves company.” Moreover, anyone who disagrees with this social engineering scam will quickly be labeled with some sort of “ism” or “phobe.” If some of those who disagree are minorities residing in the suburbs, they will be pilloried as “white supremacists,” despite the dark pigment of their skin.

What HUD and its liberal administrators will never acknowledge is that upward mobility is based on sensible, constructive life decisions made at the family level, including marriage, employment, and budget planning. In order to succeed in the free market of ideas and choices, one must construct the building blocks of his/her future to achieve the necessary economic gains. Just ask all those ambitious African-American residents of suburbia who have worked hard, played by the rules, and saved for a down payment on that dream home. Do you think they want a 10-story, low-income apartment building hovering over their 2-story colonial, featuring a well-manicured lawn and a cabana next to their kidney-shaped pool?

Well, in the bizarre world of leftwing dogma, they’d be called Oreos, black on the outside, white inside. However, in the real world they are merely decent people who recognize the value of living in a country where one can achieve anything through hard work and prudent decisions. The dictionary is the only place in which “success” comes before “work.”

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