From the day the Biden Administration was sworn into power I’ve had a feeling that we were about to sustain some serious crises. When Biden stopped the building of the southern border wall and canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, I was astonished, but felt it was merely a bitter and vengeful attack on the successes of the Trump Administration. However, I never figured that he’d purposely open the border and allow what amounts to a hostile invasion of the United States by foreign countries. Moreover, I never thought that he and his leftwing accomplices would engage in so many egregiously obvious lies and distortions.

The last several years of economic reporting have been dominated by lies. For example, they lied about the job numbers. Full-time jobs are falling and have been replaced by part-time jobs. They have lied about retail spending, which, once adjusted for inflation, is largely flat. In fact, the unemployment numbers you hear these days are completely fabricated. When you include people dropping out of the labor force, discouraged workers, and numerous part timers, the recalculation puts the real unemployment rate at nearly 25% of American workers.

Furthermore, did you ever imagine that you’d live in a country in which the government would so routinely, brazenly, and predictably lie about basic economic data? Are you as flabbergasted as I am that they can stare into the camera and lie about the security of the border as we watch masses of foreigners rush through small holes and huge gaps without interference? And why are they doing this? To cover up the truth about what the ruling class has done to our economic prosperity and security. They have purposely supported the destruction of our Border Patrol by attributing atrocities to them, even though their allegations were later proven wrong. This is not different from what takes place in Russia. The data is always distorted, yet the propaganda continues to con the people into thinking the system is working.

It seems to me that the main struggle we face in this country and around the world is the struggle between the unsuspecting public and the deep state, consisting of a vast network of government elites, leftwing media, the corporate world, banking and finance, private foundations, ant global bureaucracies. The average man and woman, trying to live decent and honest lives, raising their families, and paying their taxes, are being manipulated by power-hungry oligarchs working for their own interests at the expense of everyone else.

Speaking of Russia, let’s look at the similarities between what the Biden Administration is doing to Donald Trump, and what Putin did to Alexei Navalny. Navalny was a Russian opposition leader, lawyer, anti-corruption activist, and political prisoner. He organized demonstrations against the crooked Russian leader and ran for office against him. Soon, he was charged with a myriad of false allegations, none of which were proven. He and his followers, which were legion, rightfully claimed that the attacks were politically motivated. Navalny described Russia’s ruling party, United Russia, as a “party of crooks and thieves.” Sound familiar?

Undaunted, he continued his vocal opposition, as Putin continued his reign without serious opposition. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, “uneasy lies the crown,” Vladimir evidently wanted assurance that the corruption-fighter would be muzzled. Hence, in August 2020, Navalny was hospitalized in serious condition after being poisoned with a nerve agent. When discharged he accused Putin of being behind the attempted murder. However, Russian prosecutors refused to open an investigation into the poisoning. (I guess they realized that Putin had a lot more of that nerve agent available.) Soon thereafter, Navalny was arrested for violating his parole conditions, a charge that resulted in mass protests by his supporters.

Nonetheless, he was sentenced to prison for 2-3 years, and his organization was eliminated after being designated as extreme, reminiscent of Biden’s claims about MAGA. Later, while still in prison, he was sentenced to an additional 9 years after a new trial described as a sham by Amnesty International. On February 16, 2024, the Russian Prison Service reported that Navalny had died at the age of 47. The diagnosis of a blood clot being the reason for his death was disputed by his doctor, who had treated him during his incarceration. According to Dr. Alexander Polupon, Navalny did not have any underlying conditions that would put him at risk of a thromboembolism (the medical term for the obstruction of an artery by a dislodged blood clot).

Asked if a blood clot could be used as a cover-up for murder, Dr. Polupan emphasized the importance of an independent autopsy. “If an honest autopsy is performed, the blood clot should be visible. A diagnosis of a thromboembolism cannot be made without the detached blood clot being found,” he added. “But they [the Russian authorities] can do whatever they want, [they can] falsify the autopsy report and no one will be able to verify anything.”

Think about the corruption Donald Trump has exposed in the Biden Administration, and the subsequent political witch hunt that has mercilessly attacked the man who is favored to beat Biden in November. In addition, think about the latest threats to imprison him if he violates a gag order. Think about a very likely conviction in a trial by a conflicted judge, a Trump-hating prosecutor, and a leftwing jury. Think about what happened to Jeffrey Epstein when he was sent to prison. Once the deed is done, whether it’s a stolen election or the murder of someone who threatens the powers that be, it can’t be undone. Inasmuch as those powers are doing everything to destroy him, I pray to God for Donald Trump’s safety.