Opinion: A New Era for Dallas County Young Republicans

Dallas County Young Republicans | Image by Dallas County Young Republicans

Over the weekend, the Young Republican National Federation hosted its annual national convention here in Dallas. The Texas Young Republican Federation also hosted its annual state convention. At the Texas state convention, the leadership of TYRF voted to “revoke its partner status” with the Republican Party of Texas and launched a series of disgusting attacks against Chairman Matt Rinaldi. Simply put, a small group of TYRF leaders betrayed the rank-and-file Young Republicans across Texas. Dallas County Young Republicans will not be a part of an organization like that.

Dallas County Young Republicans remains unwavering in its commitment to the serious work of advancing Texas First policy priorities and engaging young people in the political process. Our mission has not changed, and we are excited to serve as a dynamic organization offering conservatives across Texas the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and effect real, meaningful change in our community.

Today marks the dawn of a new era for Dallas County Young Republicans. We are not going to contribute our membership’s time or resources to an organization working against the conservative policy priorities and organizations that our membership passionately supports. I would like to invite young Republicans (and not-so-young Republicans) across Texas to become members of Dallas County Young Republicans and attend our events. For our next event, we’ll be hosting Chairman Rinaldi on the evening of September 19th at Ozona Grill & Bar. This event is free and open to everyone.

DYR has experienced explosive growth over the last four years, with our monthly meetings averaging well over 200 attendees. Our growth is attributable to the passion of our membership, our steadfast commitment to advancing Texas First policies, and our belief in the necessity of serious engagement with the political process.

Too often, grassroots political organizations fall prey to petty in-fighting that detracts from the valuable work that committed conservative activists want to do and impedes membership growth. At DYR, our focus is on educating, entertaining, and engaging the new generation of conservative leaders in our community and providing them with a platform to build personal, professional, and political relationships that will last a lifetime. We believe that political activism can be fun and impactful at the same time. As our membership continues to grow, we believe that we are training the next generation of conservative elected officials, activists, donors, and thought leaders.

I hope to see conservatives of every age and background come join the difference-making organization that we are building. You’ll find an energetic group of passionate young people leading the way forward for Texas. You can join Dallas County Young Republicans by visiting our website at www.dallasyr.org and stay informed about our events through email list and social media pages. I can’t wait to participate in the continued growth of this incredible group of change-makers.

Chad Cohen is the President of Dallas County Young Republicans

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