Letter to the Editor: A Nurse’s Perspective on Price Controls

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi | Image by Michael Candelori

Dear editor,

I have proudly worked as a nurse for nearly a decade in the Dallas area and I’ve seen firsthand how medical innovation can change the outcomes for my patients. New discoveries are made every day that help us manage symptoms or directly attack diseases like cancer.

Business and medical innovation are deeply intertwined, and government meddling in our free markets could inhibit our nation’s scientists and researchers from uncovering new ways to treat and cure diseases.

It is disheartening to politicians push for policies like price controls through “negotiation,” including during Speaker Pelosi’s recent visit to Dallas, when they could limit the development of new medicines. I know Senator Cornyn will continue to be a voice of reason and stand up for patients and continued innovation, and I hope other Texas legislators will do the same.

Katy Watts

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