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New Immersive Art Experience is Headed to DFW



From the creators of Immersive Van Gogh comes another groundbreaking immersive art installation, FRIDA: IMMERSIVE DREAM.

The art exhibit concentrates on the art and life of Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), a twentieth-century artist who was known for her compelling self-portraits and pieces that depicted life in her native country of Mexico.

Like the Van Gogh exhibit, Frida Kahlo’s best-known works will be brought to life by Italy’s world-renowned master artist Massimiliano Siccardi. The exhibition will be scored by Luca Longobardi, with Vittorio Guidotti serving as the art director.

“The success of Immersive Van Gogh has demonstrated that audiences are excited to experience art in a new way. Our Italian creative team is experts at digitally exploring masterworks in such a way that viewers are not merely passive observers. They obtain an even richer understanding of the artist by seeing the work as its creator might have,” said Lighthouse Immersive Producer Corey Ross.

Frida Kahlo was born in 1907 in Mexico City and was bedridden after suffering a broken spinal column while riding on a bus that crashed into a streetcar when she was eighteen.

Her parents encouraged her to paint to pass the time while she lay in bed. There she would stare at herself in a mirror affixed above her bed. Frida would spend hours painting portraits of herself which depicted her as she struggled personally.

Frida’s rebellious and independent nature caused her to be torn between her support of the Communist Party and the Mexican Nationalist movement. Frida was passionate about her husband, Diego Rivera, yet she had many affairs with other men and women.

Kahlo’s iconography merged the worlds of life and death in a way that shocked viewers by pushing gender norms.

Attendees of the Van Gogh exhibit can expect something different with this latest immersive exhibit.

According to Ross, “Siccardi presents Kahlo’s works in a format very distinct from that which he utilized in examining Van Gogh’s. He does not try to unify the many styles Kahlo used in her lifetime, but instead, presents them to us as a series of kinetic tableaus that may initially contradict – but eventually illuminate – each other.”

“In this piece, we will chase Frida’s world, always in motion,” adds Siccardi. “We will discover her tenderness and hostilities by taking in her observations and fantasies. Our hope is that viewers will let themselves be penetrated by Frida’s stories, and in so doing, live vicariously through her.”

FRIDA: IMMERSIVE DREAM is presented by Lighthouse ArtSpace Dallas and co-produced with Impact Museums. The exhibit will arrive in Dallas at 507 South Harwood Street, Dallas, TX 75201 starting February 3 and will continue until April 17, 2022. Tickets start at $39.99, with flexible ticket options available at specific times.

Purchase your tickets for FRIDA: IMMERSIVE DREAM here.

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