There is something amiss with the Democrats’ apparent timely revelation of President Biden’s capacity to hold office.

This is a stark contrast to the unwavering support they’ve shown in the past. Now, after the president’s lackluster performance in the recent debate against former President Trump, Democrats are suddenly questioning Biden’s capacity to run in the upcoming election.

How convenient.

The point must be pressed: If the Democrats think President Biden is not fit to run for re-election, why is he fit to be at the helm of America today? Are we a nation adrift, led by a president incapable of properly steering the ship?

The Daily Beast reports how White House reporters are under scrutiny:

White House correspondents tell The Daily Beast they have lost faith in the White House press team’s credibility, with one reporter claiming the saga over a lack of transparency around President Biden’s health shows ‘how much trust they’ve [the White House] has lost with the American people.’

Wednesday’s White House press briefing blew the sensitive issue wide open, with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre fielding sustained questioning about Biden’s health, his jet lag, and his cold that all allegedly affected Biden’s debate performance. It did not matter how old a person was, suffering a confluence of such things, Jean-Pierre said. It takes ‘a toll.’ However, she added, her words should not be seen as an ‘excuse,’ but rather an ‘explanation.’

Jean-Pierre claimed the White House had been “transparent,” but she refused to say if the White House would release more of Biden’s medical information.