Voters Shift Support to Trump on Immigration

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U.S.-Mexico Border | Image by PNW Park Ranger/Shutterstock

With the southern border crisis being one of the most contested issues of the upcoming election, voters are shifting to support former President Trump to handle the issue over President Biden.

Townhall reported: “Former President Donald Trump is heading toward winning this election. That can change as there’s plenty of time for things to alter the race. But the guilty verdict in the hush money trial has done little to damage the former president. It’s only energized and made GOP support surrounding their presumptive nominee even more ironclad. It’s critical since 2024 will be a base election. One issue that Trump dominated in 2016 is immigration. It’s the one that catapulted him to the top of the 2016 candidate pool, where he remained.

“In 2024, with the southern border crisis raging and more illegal aliens getting busted for rapes, murders, drugs, and overall degeneracy, it’s become a top issue on the minds of voters. Biden is trying to frame the current situation as a byproduct of GOP obstruction.

“That’s patently false, and GOP operatives should have an easy task turning that talking point into political sashimi. Biden issued an executive order that caps asylum requests. If you want to know why, we’ve reached a crisis point here for Democrats. Not only is this a top voter concern, but the shift toward Trump regarding who can handle immigration better has been massive. It led to CNN’s Harry Enten, their number cruncher, reacting to the findings with two words: ‘My goodness.'”

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