UN Wants To Control World Population, Author Claims

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The UN is allegedly implementing an agenda to drastically reduce the number of people worldwide and will use war to bring that about, at least according to an author and media consultant who attended the global organization’s summits.

The warning comes from Alex Newman, who claimed that the UN openly discusses its plans in its written materials and at many conferences.

“One of the interesting things about going to the UN conferences is they are totally open and totally transparent about the fact that they think there are way too many of us on this planet. We are taking up their space and consuming their resources. They say this openly,” Newman told host Greg Hunter when he appeared on the USAWatchdog podcast.

According to Newman, conference speakers tell the audience that “too many people [are] having way too many babies, and we have to drastically cut back on the number of people on the planet. They have a whole agency dedicated to this called the UN Population Fund.”

Newman argued that the UN is trying to usher in a “totalitarian one world government” under its purview, explaining that “they want millions and millions of people dead so people will give up their attachment to the nation-state, self-government, and individual liberty and give up anything, money or freedom, anything to make it stop.”

He pointed to the current Ukraine-Russia war as an example of that plan in action. He noted that the conflict has effectively destroyed Ukraine’s highly important agriculture industry, bringing about a food crisis in parts of Europe and Africa while cutting off access to Russian energy resources, which has exacerbated an energy crisis. The war has also induced Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

Newman noted that the Eastern world’s reaction was to grow and deepen its own union, a process that Russia and China are currently actively engaged in.

“They want to obliterate any concept of God-given rights like we have in the United States of America enshrined in our founding documents,” Newman explained. “So this is an existential threat to human liberty … to self-government … to prosperity … to the lives of millions if not billions of people on this planet. It has to be exposed. It has to be stopped.”

The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) website does not acknowledge whether it operates under the assumption that the world is over or underpopulated. However, UNFPA does caution against using the widely accepted replacement rate goal of 2.1 children per woman as a measure of population health, instead implying that countries that fall short should embrace immigration.

UNFPA says that “the average number of children that women are having globally has more than halved, from 5 to 2.3,” and that “two-thirds of the world’s population live in places with below-replacement fertility rates.”

The organization says this should not be viewed as a negative but rather as “a sign that individuals are increasingly able to exercise control over their own reproductive lives. Falling fertility rates need not result in population reduction overall. Many countries have experienced falling population rates since the 1970s -– but have still grown due to migration. And all populations are ageing -– the result of welcome increases in longevity.”

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