Two Shooter Manifestos: One Public, One Hidden

Members of the Louisville Police Department talk on the steps of the Old National Bank during an investigation after a mass shooting in Louisville, Kentucky. A gunman opened fire inside the bank, killing four people and wounding nine. | Photo by Jeremy Hogan / SOPA Images/Sipa USA via Reuters

Less than two weeks after 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon murdered five of his coworkers in a shooting at a bank in Louisville, the killer’s so-called “manifesto” has been released by police, outlining his political and personal motives.

The Louisville killer’s 13-page manifesto revealed three primary motives for his crime, according to the Daily Mail.

First, Sturgeon wanted to demonstrate how “easy” it was to purchase a firearm under Kentucky state law. Next, he wanted to “highlight the country’s mental health crisis.” Finally, he wanted to die at the hands of the police.

Sturgeon had a documented history of supporting Democratic politicians and espousing left-leaning political views on social media, including posts that were overtly critical of the National Rifle Association and former President Donald Trump.

The killer’s family has since revealed he suffered from numerous mental health issues and was on medication. They also claimed that he may have suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, from injuries sustained during middle school basketball games.

These claims prompted Kentucky authorities to examine his brain during autopsy for signs of the concussive illness.

Despite his alleged mental health struggles, nothing precluded him from purchasing the semiautomatic rifle used in the killings six days earlier.

The release of key details of Sturgeon’s manifesto stands in stark contrast to the refusal to release any meaningful information from the manifesto written by the suspect who killed six, including three children, at a Nashville Christian school nearly a month ago.

After Audrey Hale’s alleged mass killing at The Covenant School, authorities announced that the suspect had left behind numerous writings, including a “manifesto.” Hale was a biological female who reportedly identified as male.

Yet as of now, nothing has been publicly released. Numerous elected officials have called on state and federal authorities to release Hale’s manifesto, but thus far, they have been met with silence.

Meanwhile, PFLAG, the nation’s “first and largest organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people,” said that “the contents don’t change the outcome of the tragedy.”

Others, such as Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN), have expressed disappointment with the stonewalling. The manifesto “could maybe tell us a little bit about what’s going on inside of her head. I think that would answer a lot of questions,” said Burchett, per the New York Post.

Nashville Council Member Courtney Johnston has said that the FBI has “already ruled the manifesto would not be released in its entirety” from her conversations with them.

Claiming that the complete document “in the wrong person’s hands would be astronomically dangerous,” Johnston said the FBI described Hale’s manifesto as a “blueprint on total destruction,” the New York Post reported.

“I personally don’t want to know the depths to which her psychosis reached. … When I’m told by a [Metropolitan Nashville Police Department] high-ranking official that it keeps him up at night, I’m going to defer to that person in that agency that I don’t need to read that,” Johnston concluded, per the New York Post.

However, polling suggests the public overwhelmingly disagrees. A recent Rasmussen Reports poll indicated that 68% of American voters say they want Hale’s manifesto released publicly. Only 17% of those surveyed responded “no,” with another 15% registering as “unsure.”

When asked by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) if he would investigate Hale’s shooting at a Christian school as a potential federal hate crime, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland said that Hale’s motive “remains unclear” despite authorities being in possession of the yet-unreleased manifesto, as Newsweek reported.

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  1. Rex Barron

    Sometimes the unmentionable parts of a manifesto may involve some of the victims or their family members. Do we want to put victims in the spotlight of a shooter’s personal grievances?

    • RiverKing

      A redacted manifesto would be better than none.

  2. Tim

    Well now this wing-nut who aligns with the Democrats playbook of gun control will now have all eternity in hell where not even a millisecond passes. God bless all those victims’ family members.

  3. Will

    Most of these mass shootings always take place in the spring, in fulfilling the pagan gods wants . Ex. Ishtar, Molech.

  4. Bret

    The manifesto is being withheld bc this thing is trans and the authorities do not want to exhibit the trans movement in a bad light Most of the past mass killings were carried out by members of the alphabet community. They are protecting the most mentality disturbed of society.

    • Ben Orr

      And you know this how??

  5. Wolfgang

    Of course the government will release a “manifesto” of a shooter with obvious mental health issues. WE ARE THE GENERALIZED ENEMY used to strike fear in all and therefore bring togetherness in the country. Hitler used that same tactic in nazi Germany with the jews! The government is also using these fear tactics to control the public. They will release what they know the public will desire to hear and follow rather than allow them access to the truth. But even if Americans knew the truth about most things they’d still be too lazy and incompetent to do anything. And they’d still reward the same.criminals and types of criminals they always do. Then whine and cry and they blindly follow the orders of these modern day terrorists, criminals, slave owners and others who only God is wealth and power.

  6. Djea3

    Meanwhile, PFLAG, the nation’s “first and largest organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people,” said that the contents don’t change the outcome of the tragedy.”

    PFLAG is making it clear that they are afraid of the release. The truth is that the release may actually prevent history from repeating itself. One can not change what HAS happened, but if we understand WHY we can stop it from being repeated. IS there a possibility that PFLAG has a self interest in it NOT being released?

  7. ThisGuyisTom

    Ya gotta laugh at these…“The government is here to protect us” type attitudes/narratives.

  8. Jay

    Serial killers and mass shooter should never have their so called manifesto released. These killers do not matter. They forfieted their rights to be heard when they pulled the trigger. The Dallas Express is more concerned about the killer’s motivation than the lives the killer ended. Crazy people do not need a reason to do crazy things.

  9. ksm

    Every year, thousands of innocent people are killed/injured in this country on account of gun related violence. The number of such victims are rising each year. The problem is the easy availability of guns. Right wing extremists are unwilling to to accept that and refuse to support the passage of safe gun laws. Under these circumstances, the number of innocent victims of gun related violence will only keep on rising. I suppose that this is one way of population control.

    • Bill

      Over 200 people a day die from Fentanyl. Thats more than all gun and automobile deaths combined x 2. 6.7 million people die every year from diabetes. Lets start here.

      • Ben Orr

        What’s your freaking point dude? What if it was YOUR child gunned down??

    • Mike Allen

      And every year, millions of innocent people defend themselves lawfully with a firearm.

    • Joe

      You are delusional if you believe the gun is at fault and not the mental patient pulling the trigger

  10. Bill

    I imagine that local authorities have seen the manifesto so why dont they report on it?

  11. athinkingwoman

    First, “the contents don’t change the outcome of the tragedy.” is a statement that can be said of any manifesto of a mass murderer.
    Second, the FBI’s statement that the Nashville manifesto is a “blueprint on total destruction” implies that Hale was some sort of paramilitary genius who devised a plan to destroy the world and that we should be protected from this plan.
    Both of these arguments insult our intelligence.



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