Trump Slams Guilty Verdict by New York Jury

Former President Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump | Image by Tennessee Witney/Shutterstock

Former President Donald Trump took to the Fox News airwaves on Sunday and gave an exclusive interview on Fox & Friends Weekend to talk about his recent conviction, according to a report by Fox News:

“‘It’s weaponization, and it’s a very dangerous thing. We’ve never had that in this country,’ he said during the exclusive interview.

“A Manhattan jury found Trump guilty of all 34 counts of falsifying business records on Thursday.

“‘People get it. It’s a scam,’ he said, speaking of the trial. ‘And the Republican Party… they’ve stuck together in this. They see it’s a weaponization of the Justice Department of the FBI and that’s all coming out of Washington.’

“The interview — which was led by co-hosts Pete Hegseth, Will Cain, and Rachel Campos-Duffy, aired in pieces throughout the show on Sunday — called on the GOP frontrunner to weigh the political landscape following the conviction.

“One Daily Mail poll, for instance, gave Trump a 6-point bump in approval in the immediate aftermath.

“Trump homed in on the alleged unfairness of the case – how his team sought to change the venue from deep blue Manhattan to a more favorable location, and striking at Judge Juan Merchan, who has been the subject of massive criticism among conservatives.

“‘We had probably, maybe the worst area in the whole country for me in terms of the vote… and they always bring them [charges] in these sections. They’re places where Republicans get virtually no votes,’ he said.”

To read the entire article by Fox News and check out footage from the interview, please click HERE.

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