Earlier this week, an American tourist died after getting electrocuted in a hot tub in a Mexican beach town, CBS News reported:

The incident that prompted the family to sue the resort for wrongful death and negligence, their lawyers said. The man’s wife tried to rescue her drowning husband after he was zapped by the current but she was electrocuted herself and hospitalized with serious injuries, according to the lawsuit.

The injured woman, 35-year-old Lizette Zambrano, filed the lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages from the U.S.-based resort operators from her hometown of El Paso, Texas, on Friday, days after being medevaced from the hot tub at the resort town of Puerto Peñasco, an hour south of the border.

The Arizona-based defendants, vacation rental provider Casago International and travel company High Desert Travel, did not respond to a request for comment on the suit, which holds them responsible for faulty electric wiring in the hot tub that caused the couple’s electrocution and 43-year-old Jorge Guillen’s death.

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