More than 6 million Somalis are in desperate need of food and resources, according to Reuters. Without immediate action, reportedly, the majority will likely not survive.

Somalia is Africa’s easternmost country, making up the continent’s horn. It is well known for its civil wars and poverty. It is currently the second poorest country in Africa, according to Business Insider Africa.

Somalia is now facing one of the worst droughts in four decades. Drought is not the only problem the troubled country is facing. After dismal 2020 and 2021 growing seasons and plagues of locusts, flooding, and civil unrest, the country’s citizens are feeling the impact.

Global attention has been on Ukraine since it was invaded in late February. However, the United Nations and crisis organizations are now doing what they can to bring attention to the Somali crisis.

They are striving to obtain funding and resources before Somalia’s famine reaches the same severity as in 2011, when more than 250,000 people died, most of whom were children under 5.

The UN reports that its plan to provide emergency aid is currently only 15% funded. Typically, the UN secures most of its funding through collective donations from countries like the U.S. and UK.

According to the United Nations revenue report, in 2020, assessed contributions to the World Food Programme, which has an office in Somalia, reached $320,630,439. The UN has reported that it will need $1.6 billion in order to stave off an already worsening famine.

Of Somalia’s 6 million people, 2.8 million have received needed aid in the form of food, medical care, and necessities.

Receiving funds is critical as quickly sending out food and supplies is the best chance to head off further deaths from the famine.

Currently, Somali children are dying daily as they are malnourished and unable to fight off sickness. Women are dying, unable to breastfeed or provide for their children due to their own lack of nourishment.

The UN said it is sounding the alarms and making appeals to every nation to help Somalia. As doctors are watching their patients die due to lack of supplies and families are slowly watching their children perish, they are asking the world to intervene.